Doughnuts and Green juice?

Living a holistic lifestyle can’t be that hard, right?

Being an active work at home parent and a hustling digital marketing consultant sure occupies my calendar to the fullest extent.

My clients deserve the best of me. Sometimes I’m being asked “ How do I advertise on Facebook?” Or, “what’s the best way to advertise on Facebook messenger?”. “Build messenger bots for me?” or “ How can I get more leads fast?” even “How can I get my website to convert leads in to sales?”. Tons of questions rolling around in my brain. That and working every day to become a better parent. Improving me Holistically!

I think back to when I was a kid and wonder, “How the heck did my mom raise two teenage boys as a full-time personnel employee of a fortune 500 company as a recent widow?”

Life often throws blessings and curve balls. And it’s all how you choose to deal with it. Or rather, how you choose to deal with the energy. Take for instance, deciding to write your first Medium post and finding a million reasons why not to do it. When in all reality it’s just being nervous your grammar will be looked over with a fine tooth comb by all the professional writers out there.

So you get up, with your mobile phone in hand, and finally commit! You know you have an hour or so before the 18 month old needs a diaper change (3:45 in the morning).

You start to type the most intriguing headline… and you hear it.. the call of the child! So you go ahead and get that fresh change done. The early morning moaning is not over yet! You head over to the kitchen and grab a bottle of some kind of milk (organic cows milk vs organic almond milk). You feed the little one… finally goes down.

But you know this senario all too well. If you attempt to put the little one back down in the crib, you risk it ALL! MAYBE, just maybe you can put the little one down with out waking the loving cherub. “Nah… I won’t risk it!” . that’s when the little bugger is gently rested on the right shoulder.

Fast asleep… until you reposition the little body in any degree of horizontal movement.

Well, that is what is going on with me at this exact moment.

I’m now saying to myself, “What the hell was that intriguing headline?” Typing with a 30+ lbs resting on my shoulder, pacing around the house with a rocking motion. Holding true to the commitment of publishing my first Medium post on holistic living. The only 2 questions running through my mind are:

  1. Can I keep this kid asleep long enough so my wife can get a good night’s rest?


2. Doughnuts or green juice?

The answer <drum roll>…

Doughnuts AND green juice!!