Mass email or personal conversations?

Global email deliverability decreased to 76% over the last year.

This actually isn’t as bad as you could imagine — considering I just deleted 1,031 emails in my promotions folder in Gmail. Even at 76%, email is hugely viable as a source of marketing and ROI — it is relatively cheap to manage your lists, produce compelling content and execute programs.

BUT, where is it going. Email once replaced a number of traditional information sources used by business, and it now feels like it could be in the crosshairs in the coming years. What is interesting is it might not be consumers that drive that change, but businesses. Specifically SMBs might realize the time they spend managing lists, creating content, and delivering campaigns doesn’t really drive their business — not in a way that 10 other things they need to do that day might.

Triggered based messaging can introduce hands free relevancy, and timeliness that starts real conversations — as well as eliminate the need to build “campaign creative.”

What is interesting is small businesses that don’t have marketing teams running marketing automation and email programs might actually leap frog the larger businesses that typically drive new software and process adoption. The need for efficiency happens to be tied to the customers desire to have a conversation, not be marketed to.

Messaging platforms, and intelligent messaging platforms that enable conversations in scale might be the next step out of marketing automation and email marketing — but global email rates are still great so don’t look for it this year.