Get Ready for Cortana on July 29 | Respects Sachin Tendulkar for India

Hope you all knew brief introduction about Cortana, a Personal Voice Guided Assistant App, exclusively developed and to be launched in Microsoft’s Windows operating system platform. The team members at Redmond are working hard to make the same comes live globally on 29thJuly 2015. According to Microsoft, this personal assistant app could be the first meaningful digital assistant app for the global individuals. There are certain unique features and performances are outfitted with Cortana and Microsoft is aiming to make a unique experience in the personal life with Windows.

Cortana on July 2015: Launching in Seven Countries

As per the official promises, the Cortana digital personal assistant app will be ready to launch by 29thJuly 2015. There are seven countries in the list, which would be the first to experience the performance of Cortana and are as follows. They are US, China, France, UK, German, Italy and Spain.

Cortana Launching in India:

Cortana India Customized Accordingly Coming Soon

According to the earlier official news, people distant from the above mentioned countries will really be worried about Cortana (being a loyal Microsoft user for several years). Perhaps, this statement could officially be changed in the future. Yes, Microsoft stated that, “Cortana will be available to customers in the Windows Insider Program in Japan and Australia, and in English in Canada and India.” At the end of this year, Cortana for Windows 10 will also be available in Mexico, Brazil and French in Canada as well. Microsoft revealed that, the Cortana will be coming with the approach of “One Size Fits All” and hence you will be getting the same sort of experience in all Windows enabled devices, including Windows 10 PC, Smartphone and Tablet as well.

New Marketing Concepts with Cortana:

As Cortana will be available for several International Countries, there will be distinctions among its users for sure. Hence, Cortana has been fed with several new developing concepts for the finest marketing in the respective local. You will be getting a tailored experience with the Cortana, as it comes from a professional team of editors, creative writers, voice talent and finally, the programmers as well.

Cortana One Screen Fits for All Concept

The Voice Talent is what Microsoft makes so curious, just to make the exact response to the local accent. For example, the Chinese users will be happy if their personal assistant smiles a lot, while coming to the UK users, they call their Personal assistant as “English Rose” and the same varies according to the local users. It is deliberately stated that, Cortana is well customized for the reflection of Idioms & Speech patterns of each country and especially in their local languages indeed. Cortana is also said to have the qualities like Confident, Optimistic and Transparent for the user’s activities. Finally, the most important part of Cortana is to make the personal’s tasks to be completed at its best & in real time manner.

Locally Tuned Cortana Personality:

Cortana is also enrolled to have a great politeness, humor and approach have resonated national identity according to the local markets. Self-Deprecating humor is what the UK peoples are interested about and hence Cortana has been gifted with this kind of programs. If she senses you are fooling her, she will definitely have a playful mockery in her each response, respectively.

“Our” is the most familiar word used in Italy and it is one among the proud of their nation. Hence, Cortana will respond the users with “Our” and interestingly, she will sing a national anthem, if you asked her to sing (however, it may only in Italy or may be respective countries national anthem, but not clear).

Celebrating Cultural Makes Distinctive: Cortana

According to the each and every local market, Cortana is ready to celebrate their cultural activities. For example, “Cannes Film Festival” will be celebrated in Cortana France, and in Canada Cortana loves Hockey. The mesmerizing stuff from Cortana India is that, Cortana will celebrate Indian National Hero Sachin Tendulkar, accordingly. Politeness is highly esteemed with Japan and it will become by default as well.

Cortana celebrates Sachin Tendular in India

Cortana is also ready to answer few common questions across the globe, such as, Do You Dream? Or Tell me a story? Or Tell me a Joke? And more of its kind!

Bottom Line:

Cortana is ready to launch in several European & USA countries by 29thJuly 2015. The tech savviness followed by the cultural savvy would definitely make the users to have certain distinctive and satisfied experience with Cortana. It is very impressive to rejoice the local super stars at its best. Waiting for the India launch and hope it will come sooner! Stay amazed & updated!


Originally published at on July 22, 2015.

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