Project Tango Joint Development by Qualcomm & Google

There are plenty of newbie projects launched by Google right after the Google I/O 2015. One of the interesting projects recently unveiled by Google is that, Project Tango. The Project Tango is the joint development by both the Internet giant Google along with Mobile Processor techie Qualcomm. In recent days, Google is involved in plenty of partnerships with other real time competitors categorically. Though the project doesn’t complete its goal, the same comes under the long term goal to Google, which certainly makes the better relationships with the leading chip maker in the world. Hope you know, there are plenty of Tango phones available in the market, but, they are not by Qualcomm neither Google as well.

What is Project Tango About?

Project Tango Official Logo by Google

Before we dive into the complete details about the Project Tango by Google + Qualcomm, let us discover what Project Tango is in depth. The Project Tango is the process of bringing the motion tracking, depth perception and other area of learning to the Smart devices (Smartphones, Mobiles, Wearable’s, and other Digital Devices). Measuring your experiences with the Smartphone (Smart Devices) is not possible at the consumer end; perhaps the developers can do so.

With the Project Tango you can buy the Developer Kit from Google & Qualcomm, using which you can develop a creative application and upload the same to Play Store.

Cost of Project Tango:

The Project Tango was available only on the official website on Google, and you can simply purchase from there. By the way, the cost of the Project Tango is fixed at $512, which is assumed to be worthy as it has ample of features to show to your users.

Official Website for Project Tango 2015

Start Building Your Own Apps:

One of the major advantages associated with the Project Tango is that, you can develop your own Android Applications at its best format. The complete requirements to the same are available with the developer kit. Interestingly, this developer kit was not a consumer product and hence the number of devices is limited. According Google, this Project Tango kit is exclusively developed for the App Developers and it is the right time to start building apps for the future Android iterations.

Excellent 3D Sensing Features from Project Tango:

Project Tango by Qualcomm & Google 2015

The new Project Tango gives the best way of utilizing the sensors of the Smartphone’s especially the camera. The 3D sensing camera technology is what incorporated in the project by Google & Qualcomm. As of now, there are no specific plans about the process of unveiling consumer friendly handset using the project tango for some time.

Project Tango — Bottom Line:

This is certainly one among the few useful projects launched by Google. The partnerships with the Qualcomm by Google give any future development in the Smartphone sector as well. Who knows, Google may ask Qualcomm to produce its own Android Smartphone instead of concentrating on Core Chip alone.

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Originally published at on May 31, 2015.