Unsend E-mail Using Special Features

Have you ever felt disappointed after sending an e-mail immediately? Have you ever wished that you had an opportunity to unsend a message once it has been sent? Gmail after spending years in testing has officially launched a new feature called Undo Send.

Unsend Mail

When the Undo Send has been unabled it will allow you a brief time window where you can successfully retract your message before it reaches its end destination and save you from any sort of embarrassment. This new feature is making flashes across Googleverse. But have you come across other apps that lets you unsend email? There are a number of different iOS and Android apps and web services that add an unsend button to your current email provider, even if the provider is not Google. Here are some of the apps that could save you from a lot of embarrassment.

Unsend E-mail using Google’s Gmail Undo Send

Undo Send G-mail

The Gmails Undo Send made its rounds in 2011 initially, but it has now become an official part of of Google services. It works by holding your emails in limbo for a few minutes after you click send. This gives you a chance to change your mind before delivering it. You have to enable the option to choose the time period emails are held for. Time varies for 5,10,20 or 30 seconds. Before you can Undo Send the service has to be enabled to Gmail Account. For this feature to be enabled the following steps have to be followed:

  • Enter into your Gmail Settings
  • Choose the Settings options from there
  • Choose the General Tab
  • Scroll down and enable the check box next to Enable Undo Send
  • Next set up the expiration timer to what is most convenient for you

The one thing that you have to remind yourself is that this Undo Send does not go into other peoples inboxes and scrub them clean. This feature just delays sending the emails. There will also be short delays in the delivery of all other communications when this Undo Send feature is enabled. There may be a few mails with high priority that may get delayed. But it is better to save your self from shame.

Unsend E-mail using Criptext


The Safari and Chrome browser come with an extension called Criptext. This option delays sending your mail by 30 seconds atleast. This feature lets you scrub the contents of any Gmail message any time after you have sent it. Even if it lies in the person’s inbox for about a week and it hasn’t been read, Criptext will make sure that it has not been read and it never will be. Criptext further lets yo create self-destructing that erase themselves if it is not ready in a timely manner.


Criptext converts the text of your emails to a picture fille. This picture file is sent to the recipient. You cannot pull out the entire email that has been sent, by that way the recipient will know you have attempted to erase it. Instead you can have Criptext to delete the created picture file or any other included file attachment. Beware of the trial version as it promotes and adds advertisements for Criptext to all your emails.

Get Criptext Extension for your browser

Unsend E-mail using UnSend.it


UnSend.it is an email delivery system that converts your text-based communications to image so they can be withdrawn later. But it is not like Criptext that works only with gmail. UnSend.it ic compatible with most providers. Emails can be sent through the UnSend.it dashboard or you can set up your existing email client to use UnSend.it servers instead. The UnSend.it is an incredibly new service and the new web version is missing important basic features like BBC and attachments. Therefore unsending an email through this feature results in the recipient getting a blank email. This is the only drawback. But this may not seem to be a big issue for some people if they can explain why they have sent a blank message.

Get UnSend.it for your browser


Unsend through Virtru

This is a more professional way to undo send in email. Virtu is an e-mail add-on that allows encryption to allow locking of files and messages. This ensures that these files and messages can be accessed only by the intended recipient. Therefore the recipient needs to conform their identity before reading the email. This gives Virtu the ability to delete email contents before it is read. But this service from Virtu is not free. It costs $2.50 subscription per month. There is also a 14 day free trial that can be availed.

Subscribe for Virtu

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Originally published at techliveinfo.com on July 9, 2015.

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