Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone Specs Leaked

Xiaomi — one among the leading Chinese branded Smartphone and consumer electronics maker, who have won millions of hearts through launching several cost effective Smartphones in recent past years all over the world. The expectations about the Smartphones by Xiaomi maker have gone several heights as they are producing some of the technically impressive features richer Smartphone for the entire needs of the current and future needs of the user. As that to the case, now there are ample of rumors are being buzzed around the upcoming Smartphone treat from Xiaomi, that’s too in their Flagship model. This is a handy article, which gives you the complete list of exclusive updates about the recently leaked Specifications about Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone and its releasing date indeed.

The following line will give you the overview about leaked Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone by now in a brief manner. If the leak was precise, then MI5 Smartphone could be bezel less big screen Android device that you might have experienced already in some of the Smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus and even LG G3. The following image of Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone gives you the exact stuff which we have got from the Weibo Social Network site. You can expect the official Logo of the Xiaomi mobiles Mi at the top left of the Smartphone which is very similar to the Mi4 mobile.

This Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone is expected to be comes with larger screen sized than the normal 5 inches with accurate Android buttons at the bottom suggests that, it could also run with any of the upgraded Android operating system made without fail. Right from the start of December we have been getting several series of impressive images of Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone in many social networks including the Weibo indeed.

List of Rumor Specs of Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone:

The display could be around 5.5 inches with full HD Resolution

Can expect any of the Snapdragon 805 or 810 family powerful processors

Not less than 3GB RAM

20.7 Rear Shooter might suit the above high end specs

Additionally, some of the rumor resources say that, this Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone might build in with advanced Fingerprint sensor as well.

Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone Expected Launching Date:

As per a reliable resourced report published by the Economic Daily News in China, the most anticipated flagship mobile none other than Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone could be launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 event in January categorically. Some of the other reliable resources, suggesting that, this launch and sales of the Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone go viral sale in America as the first.

Within odd 6 months of interval after launching their Flagship Smartphone Mi4 in China’s largest Smartphone market city in Beijing, Xiaomi attained one among the top Global Smartphone maker undeniably. Though we don’t have any authentic news about their Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone, we are closely watching the same around the CES 2015 Event to bring you the live updates about the complete specifications, releasing dates and cost to the Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone in reliable format.



Originally published at smartmobtech.com.

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