Automated mobility as-a-service ecosystem for seamless low-emissions transportation

Our transportation ecosystem is making it possible and highly desirable to switch from traditional transportation and car ownership to more efficient low-emission mobility as-a-service transportation means.

We are building a fully automated ecosystem integrating a transportation platform, a smartphone App and a physical urban mobility station enabling local governments to drastically cut traffic and CO2 emissions within their cities.

With the vision of a safe and smooth urban #mobility across all modes we are offering citizens a frictionless experience by offering cleaner and smarter transportation based on demand and less on schedules (even better than car ownership).

Our ecosystem integrates and manages driverless buses, #autonomous cars , autonomous delivery #drones, electric bikes and other #low-emissions #transportation means to make urban transportation as easy and seamless as clicking a button.

Apart from tens of smart and amazing features, each physical urban station is equipped with automated drones for daily streets mapping and instant support for any technical issues with the #driverless vehicles operating in the area.

The automated urban stations operating on the streets integrate #EV and E-bikes charging bollards, car and bike sharing points, a free WiFi hotspot, a tourist journey digital planner and a #blockchain enabled payment hub for various mobility and tourist services.

The mobility App is seamlessly connected to the ecosystem providing users with mobile access and 24/7 interaction with the platform.

The urban stations themselves act as well as automated environmental and traffic monitoring tools for predictive analytics and actionable intelligence about a large number of possible events and communicate it with all stakeholders.

All in all , what we do is create a fully automated transportation ecosystem favouring electro-mobility and self-driving vehicles that offers citizens easy access to better , efficient low-emissions mobility as-a-service and governments an unprecedented interoperability between all transit modes cutting city congestion and CO2 emissions by more than 30%, while considerably increasing safety on the roads.

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