Hello Games and the Hype Wagon

Its not uncommon for triple AAA gaming company to bend the truth when its comes to in game footage. It’s the norm in this industry, and one truly milked by the mobile market. It seems a bit unfair to place the blame for this dog-shit tactic purely on the shoulders of Hello Games, but it seem to have gone that way.

This is not a review of No Mans Sky, to be honest i haven’t even played it. This is a criticism of how the gaming media handled its release.

After all Hello Games released some footage that the the gaming media latched on to and went absolutely ape-shit about, without really questioning it. The hype wagon was on true form and the carried on the wings of Kotaku and Polygon. News sites I expect to be a bit more critical of what they see in early alpha footage. Hello Games are unlikely to turn around and go “fuck guys don’t get carried away its just alpha”, they have a product to sell and like any good company they lets the hype build up. All this hype led to an excellent opening days. But after this the dark days came. Everyone came to the realisation that, although this game was revolutionary in its use of technology — substance was lacking.

Back tracking ensued and a new trend emerged. It was time to play the blame game.

So instead of realising that we (the media) lost our shit over something we where sold by a very capable marketing team, it was easier to blame it on the company instead of question why we didn’t look into thing further, why we didd’t criticize it more.

Lets not forgot what Pokemon Go promised us in the early stages of its development and what we got their was far from perfect but no one seems to be taking Nintendo to court over dodgy sales tactics.

Although Hello Games might have taken a hit on any credit for games they make in the future, you can’t question that this release (according to the figures) was a business success.