What It’s Like Having Braces in Your Twenties!

When you think of braces, you have a mental image of an awkward teenager. At 22 years old my teeth are currently covered in metal tracks that will hopefully straighten them and I will be able to smile with pearly whites with full confidence. From what I can remember I’ve always loathed the way my teeth look, slightly discoloured and uneven, making me smile in pictures only with my lips. Maybe from as young as even 6 or 7 I haven’t had the confidence to smile showing my teeth. Now after school I would say I’m a fairly confident person, not too shy, not arrogant. But growing up I would never smile or laugh properly because of how insecure my teeth made me feel. Although I know braces are an investment in the long run but for now, here are some things I’ve thought abut while having braces in my 20’s.

  1. Looking Young

In the workplace I’m scared that people will not take me seriously, especially for the opportunity of a promotion. In my work applications need to be done through competency based examples, but it’s the interviews that throw me off and make me wonder if they take my young looking face into consideration. I get ID’d constantly, even for buying small things like razors where the age to buy them is 16.. so having braces makes me feel even younger.

The last time I went to get my braces tightened, the orthodontist (around 60 odd year old man) said to his female assistant while I was in the chair.. ‘Oh, she’s a very brace girl isn't she?’ That literally made me feel 10 YEARS YOUNGER and I couldn't say anything.

2. Love Life

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now, but I can assure you it wasn't my smile he fell in love with. So I can’t give advice or anything with having braces when you’re single. At first I was scared that I would not be able to kiss him properly, that his tongue or lips would get stuck in the metal, or sometimes worse if it was something else..To be honest it’s not that bad, I think I've bit him accidentally a few times, no blood or anything so far. Apart from that, there’s no problems.

3. Overthinking

Although it’s becoming a lot more common for adults to get dental treatment like Invisalign or other procedures, what I’ve noticed is that a lot of my original fears about having braces is all in my head. I thought I may get bullied with the occasional name calling like Braceface or Train Track Mouth or whatever other cliche names there are. I’ve realised that nobody cares and it’s definitely one of the best choices I’ve made in life by requesting them. And I know that having nice straight teeth will impact my life greatly for the better and will hopefully give me much more confidence. I know once I get my braces are gone, it might not be that noticeable to others or they won’t care, but on the inside, for myself, it will be life-changing getting to smile properly in over 15 years!

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