10 More Underrated Movies That You Should Watch

Check these out!

So a while ago I posted an article where I listed 10 Underrated Movies That You Should Watch (see below) and it’s been my most popular post.

I think that as fans of film, we’re always looking for something new, and as long as film exists, there will be underrated movies. So here’s ten movies that you should seek out.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

This features the best Batman (Kevin Conroy) alongside the best Joker (Hamill) in a movie that was barely in theaters. This film is popular among Batman fanatics, but this movie deserves a larger audience. To be honest, I put this one right up there with The Dark Knight. I mean, this just might be the best Batman film out there. No joke, and this movie hasn’t even had a blu-ray release! Come on Warner Bros. Get it together!

Brooklyn’s Finest

Now, I will say that this isn’t a great movie. It’s very dramatic and very self serious, BUT this film does have some really solid performances. This film was directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Southpaw) and I really think that this is the type of movie that he directs best. It may be a bit much for some to handle, but if this seems like your cup of tea…give it a shot!

Don’t Think Twice

You’ve probably heard me mention this film too many times, but you know what? I love it! I bought the blu ray as soon as I could and I’ve shown this movie to my family and friends, and everyone loves it. So stop saying that 2016 had no good comedies, and pop in this beautiful, real film.

The End of the Tour

This movie is heartbreaking. Heartbreaking! This the best Jason Segel performance ever, and one of Jesse Eisenberg’s better films. This film is so well written and masterfully directed. I think it’s a real shame that this David Foster Wallace biopic didn’t attract more attention. Look, I’ll just say this right now: Most of the films on this list are independent films, but so was Pulp Fiction, Clerks, Donnie Darko, Juno, The Usual Suspects, and Little Miss Sunshine. These movie all found an audience and became popular iconic movies. Indie shouldn’t mean underrated because a great many indie films have the power to become icons of film culture.

Love and Mercy

Pet Sounds is an album that music fans have been loving for years, and this movie is about Brian Wilson when he was creating the album. Paul Dano gives another terrific performance (I mean this guy is always great) in the awesome movie! It’s a pretty sad film, but if you love music, and creative people, this film is a must see.

The Miracle Maker

Look. I love my biblical epics, but only when they’re good. This one is great! The stop motion, the design, the score, the voice performances, everything about this movie is great! You gotta love it! I don’t want to spoil anything, but check it out.

The Nice Guys

If you read my review of this movie, you might notice that I called this film overrated. I understand that this seems like a contradiction, but let me explain:

When this film came out, it was getting great reviews! While I enjoyed the film, I thought the critics were being a little too kind. I also assumed that with this cast, and the rotten tomatoes score that this movie was going to be a monster at the box office. It wasn’t. I guess that technically this is an overlooked movie, rather than overrated. I love these characters and I would like to see them again. This movie has an original (and slightly messy) story, and if you like cool movies, check this one out.

Searching For Bobby Fischer

What if I told you that one of Hollywood’s best writers (Awakenings, Schindler’s List, Clear and Present Danger, Moneyball) wrote and directed a beautiful movie about a chess prodigy who’s afraid of losing his father’s love? Steven Zaillian delivers a fantastic movie about childhood, competition, love, and aspirations. I do feel a little weird calling this film overrated due to it’s score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, but no one has seen this movie! From a critical stand point, this film is very well recognized, but today’s movie viewing audience is missing out! Similar to The Nice Guys, this one falls more into the overlooked category. I think that this film should right up there with E.T as far as popularity goes. Don’t think of this as a chess movie, think of this as a masterpiece. RELEASE THIS MOVIE ON BLU-RAY!!!

Thank You For Smoking

Maybe the best Aaron Eckhart performance ever! In a day and age where people love wise cracking, fast talking, morally unsound lead characters…it’s super weird that this movie isn’t one of the most popular comedies of all time. This film is so relentlessly hilarious, but this film also has a pretty big heart. If you wanna laugh and see some really great acting, pick this one up…on DVD of course because IT’S NOT ON BLU-RAY YET!!!! WHAT?!?!?! So far, it seems like my standard for a movie being underrated is if the film doesn’t have a blu-ray release. What can I say, I like my blu-rays.

War Dogs

You know what? I really enjoyed this movie. I’ve watched this a few times at home, and I like it more every time. Is it a perfect movie? No…but is it only worth a measly 60% on the tomato-meter? No way. Look, I know Rotten Tomatoes isn’t the “be all end all” but 40% of critics thought this was a bad movie. I totally disagree! Go watch this movie guys!