Alien: Covenant review

A team of astronauts seeks a planet to inhabit, but they’re not the first species to land on this planet.

I really love Alien! Alien is one of my favorite movie monsters/space movies/thrillers. The Xenomorph is just so scary and unsettling to me. Like if I saw one in real life, I’d be screaming, crying, and running away. That first Alien movie is, I think a perfect movie. I also really like Aliens. I think that Aliens does a lot of cool stuff with the lore, and takes the story in cool directions. However, those are the only movies in the Alien franchise that I enjoy. Alien 3 is a big disappointment, Alien: Resurrection is a joke, and while I think AVP offers some cool fights…those aren’t good movies. As far as Prometheus goes, I don’t really like it that much. While I think it’s a well-made film, but I don’t find the film to be very engaging. When you think about it, the Alien franchise is 2/7 when it comes to good movies. When I heard that they were making another Alien movie I’ll admit that I didn’t get too excited. But when I saw the trailer and the movie’s poster, I thought that this could be a good movie, and you know what? It is!

This film just had that Alien feel! I’ll admit that I had never seen a Xenomorph on the big screen until this film, and man! The classic creature was brought to life in a whole new way. As you would expect, this film looks incredible! Ridley Scott is a master when it comes to directing sci-fi. Every time he takes us to space, it’s always breathtakingly gorgeous. At age 79, Scott’s film feels like it’s directed by a director who is hungry for quality.

Aside from impressive direction, this film has some really cool themes and ideas. The thing that I love about Scott’s films is that most of them are very thought provoking. His films keep you guessing and they leave you on the edge of your seat. Now, I’m not saying that everything in this film is great. There were a few lines where the characters all but looked in the camera and announced their fate. On the flip side though, the thought provoking elements were really great! The film has some great moments that I think will lead to some really cool conversations among film fans.

We all love the Xenomorph, but we also need great characters. While this film doesn’t quite provide a smorgasbord of compelling characters, all of the acting is top notch. Michael Fassbender gave a wonderfully subdued and well layered performance. He had the task of bringing two characters to life, and I thought he did a great job. Billy Crudup had a really interesting character to bring to life, and I thought he did a good job, although I wanted to spend more time with his character and learn more about him. Danny McBride probably gives the best performance of his career. Much like the rest of his This Is The End alumni (Rogen, Hill) it’s nice to see him succeed outside of his comedy element.

Is this film scary? Yes! This film features some of the most white knuckle action that I have seen all year. Those classic Alien moments that you expect are all terrifying and gruesome. There were multiple scenes were my mouth dropped. This is some of the most violent Xenomorph action that we’ve seen since 1986 and some of the best directed as well.

In my opinion, this is the third best film in the franchise. If your a fan, I think that you’ll really love this movie. The pacing does drag in a few scenes, but when it’s all said and done: This is a very thoughtful thrill ride.

Alien: Covenant-B

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