Atomic Blonde review

A spy does some work.

This trailer worked for me! I sat the trailer during Fate of the Furious, and I was super into this movie. Atomic Blonde looked like a fun, weird, crazy ride and I was ready. Unfortunately, that’s not what I got.

Look guys. This film has some incredible action sequences…breathtakingly amazing action sequences! When this action is going down, this film is incredible! Also, this film has a lot of good actors…aaaannnnnddd that’s it. This movie has basically nothing to offer.

Charlize Theron does some remarkable stunt work, and is very convincing as a serious, glum spy. I would personally blame the bromidic nature of her character on the direction. It seems like her character was written to be much cooler, but she half whispers all of her lines. James McAvoy is a very talented actor. He swings for the fences by giving an over the top performance, but this movie is so dour, that as a result he sticks out like a sore thumb.

From the opening of this film, I was really into the movies style, but that style wore thin for me very VERY fast. I got bored with this movie very, very quickly. I guess the soundtrack is good, but I grew tired of the 80’s pop songs very quickly.

This movie takes itself WAY too seriously. The marketing team is selling this as a fast paced, fun action film. At best, this is a very boring and tiresome action film with a few amazing action scenes.

You know what? I’m done with this review. This film really let me down. I’m very disappointed with Atomic Blonde and there’s nothing more for me to say, Alvin.

Atomic Blonde C-

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