Best Picture Predictions

Yes. I finally saw every movie that’s been nominated for best picture. Yup. So you’ve seen my list for my favorite films of 2016, but I decided that I would go out and see every movie with a Best Picture nomination. So I’m going to make predictions, I’m just gonna tell you which movies I think have the best chance to win the gold, and the films that I don’t think have a chance.

No Chance!

These are some great films, but in my mind there is no way that they’ll win Best Picture of 2016.

Manchester By The Sea

I know. It breaks my heart, but there is no way that this film will win best picture. This is probably my favorite of all the film with a Best Picture nomination. I love this movie, and I think it’s great! However, this film is too dark for the Academy, I think. I can see this film maybe sneaking a best screenplay win (Affleck deserves the Oscar, but Garfield is getting it) but this film may just be a little too small to win the big prize, although this film certainly deserves the win!

Hell Or High Water

Great movie and the first film of 2016 that I awarded an A+. The film isn’t as good on re watch, but it’s still pretty excellent! Be honest with yourself though…this film was never a roaring fire. What I mean by that is this film never gained a huge audience which could hurt it’s Oscar campaign. I love seeing this movie nominated, but I think that this one might be a little gritty and straightforward for our friends at the Academy.

Not Likely.

So these are the films that could be huge surprises, but victory still seems a little far out of reach for these films.


Terrific dialogue and great performances can carry a film a long way, but I don’t see this film getting carried to that Oscar. Let me explain, heavy dialogue movies very rarely get such recognition. I really liked this movie, and I thought it was very well made. This one might win best adapted screenplay (maybe) but as a film, I think that this one is getting out shone by it’s competition.


Remember when Gravity won every technical award but 12 Years A Slave won the acting awards along with Best Picture?That just might happen again. I must say that I am psyched to see this film earn a nomination, but everyone was so surprised when this flick earned that nomination.

Looking Good!

These are the movie that have a pretty good chance at victory. They aren’t quite a sure thing, but they have a solid chance!

Hacksaw Ridge

Okay…say what you will about this films director (it’s Mel Gibson) but the man can direct a film! This movie was way better than I expected, and I found this film to be quite engaging. I really hate to compare films, but here’s what I’ll say: If Saving Private Ryan lost to Shakespeare In Love then I really don’t see this film winning. I think Garfield will win the best actor gold (poor Affleck) but that might be the only Oscar that this movie wins.


This is a strikingly emotional movie that made my eyes rain. This movie will make you feel all of the feels, and the Academy likes that. Also, this film has great cinematography! However, similar to Fences, I’m seeing this movie get outshone but many of it’s contenders. I actually really want this movie to win, but I’m pretty sure that it won’t.

99% Sure

I’m sure that one of these three will win!


Critically acclaimed, and this film earns all of it. This is possibly the most masterfully directed film of the year. In my opinion Barry Jenkins has the Oscar for Best Director in the bag! This film felt like such a great blend of classic film making and modern cinema. I was hearing great thing about this movie, and it did not disappoint. This movie is getting all of the love, which might earn this film the big prize! I almost didn’t include this one as a strong contender, but I also didn’t think Birdman or Spotlight would win, but I was very surprised. So…maybe…just maybe…

La La Land

The ultimate feel good movie musical in an era where feel good movie musicals exist. Look, I think this is a good movie, and it’s very well directed…but it just wasn’t my favorite. I went back and saw it again just to make sure that I wasn’t having a Nice Guys conundrum. Like I said it’s good, but I don’t think it deserves best picture…however it’s probably gonna win.

and my number one pick? The movie that I would bet a victory for?

Hidden Figures

I mean, yeah. Definitely not my favorite in the list, and certainly not my pick…but this is a feel good film that was actually very well made. I’m serious, guys…I’m almost positive that this one is gonna win. This movie took a really important story, and everyone involved with this film did a solid job.

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