Doctor Strange thoughts

Looks like Marvel is trying to bring something new to the table…again.

I’m not a fan of Doctor Strange. I’ve read a few of his comics, and it’s just not for me. I’m not a fan of wizard/sorcerer stuff. I realize that this isn’t a shared opinion, but like I said…that’s just not my thing.

So the new Doctor Strange trailer dropped, and I must say that I’m kind of impressed. This looks like a game changer for Marvel. This trailer has the tone of a (good) Nolan film and it looks pretty good! Usually when Marvel introduces a new character, they make a really light, fun movie. This looks very serious and intense.

Honestly, the only thing holding me back from getting super excited about this movie is that I don’t like the character very much, but I can’t deny that the film looks good.

Look, I know that if you say anything bad about a comic book movie/character people will tell you that you’re wrong. Even if you’re just pointing out one little issue! Example: I love Deadpool. He’s a picture of some of my Deadpool (and Green Lantern) comics. The rest are all packaged up and in storage.

Yeah, I love Deadpool! I had been waiting for a Deadpool movie for years! I loved the film, but when I pointed out a few flaws, people were quick to tell me I’m wrong.

Why am I telling you this? Well because I know that you’re gonna tell me that I’m wrong for not being a fan of Doctor Strange. Look, I think you guys read my thoughts because you want to hear my opinion.

This is the beauty of movies and trailers…YOU CAN HAVE YOUR OWN OPINION!

If the Dr. Strange trailer looks great to you…you’re not wrong!

If the Dr. Strange trailer looks terrible to you…you’re not wrong!

All in all, the movie looks pretty good, even though (in my opinion) I’m really not a fan of the character.

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