Favorite Character in each Star Wars movie

Let’s get chronological.

I love Star Wars! I think that the strongest thing in Star Wars is the characters. Now, I want to pick Obi Wan Kenobi for 1–4, but that’s no fun! I’ll give you a different character for each one! Just so you know, Kenobi is my favorite character in all of Star Wars.

Anyway, here’s some other great characters.

The Phantom Menace


He’s a practical effect, and he’s the funniest character in this movie. Look, Phantom Menace is bad. You want me to say Darth Maul, but he isn’t a character. If you don’t believe me, describe Maul (aside from his job and appearance) in more than one sentence. The only entertaining character is the neurotic, proper robot. Plus he looks kind of cool. Gosh, I dislike Phantom Menace.

Attack of the Clones

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Attack of the clones is possibly the worst Star Wars movie, but here’s the edge that it has over Menace: Every time Kenobi is on screen, the movie is entertaing. His fight with Jango, the bar scene, the arena before he gets a lightsaber, he works in this movie and nothing else does.

Revenge of the Sith

The Emperor

Sure he’s a little silly at times, but he’s always fun to watch! Every time he’s on screen, the movie gets better. He can make terrible dialogue sound great. Example: The Opera House scene. I think this is a flawed scene because he’s basically telling dumb Anakin that he’s a Sith, and then it takes 30 more minutes for Anakin to find out. It’s so crazy, but The Emperor is so crazy evil that the scene is entertaining.

Star Wars

Han Solo

Han is the coolest character in all of Star Wars. In the first ten minutes of our meeting him, he establishes how tough he is, he shows that he is a no nonsense guy when he shoots (first) Greedo, and we see that he’s an amazing pilot. Plus, he has a great character arc that you totally believe! Han is clearly in this for the money. The whole time he’s on the death star, he’s complaining! He keeps telling Leia that he wants his money. However, you see him create a bond with every character and so when he returns at the end of the movie, you just get up and cheer.


Yeah, I love Han.

The Empire Strikes Back


Yeah, man! I love Yoda! When you meet him he seems like a lunatic, but he’s really a crazy powerful Jedi master. Every line of dialogue of his mouth = words to live by! Yoda is relentlessly wise. Also, the puppet is brilliant. Yoda is everything you want and more!

Return of the Jedi

Darth Vader

You do feel his inner conflict in this movie, and you get to see one the most evil men become good again! I love when he say’s “Tell your sister, you were right!” That line strikes me right in the heart. Man, I just LOVE his character arc in this film.

The Force Awakens

Kylo Ren

When he destroyed a computer with his lightsaber, I thought he was just a punk. When he took of his helmet, I thought “This guy’s no Sith!” and then I realized…that’s the point! Every Sith lord has been overly confident and fearless. Not this guy! He’s a big baby in a cool outfit. That is SO cool! Brilliant!

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