Get Out review

A trip to meet his girlfriends parents turns one young man’s weekend sour very quickly.

So I’m not the biggest fan of horror. There are so many terrible horror films so I kind of wrote them off, but in recent years I’ve gotten into a few scary movies. When I saw Split, I caught the trailer for Jordan Peele’s Get Out and thought it looked insane! I’m a fan of Jordan Peele’s writing. I thought that the last film that he penned (Keanu) was deeply funny while bringing up a lot of important themes. The trailer had me intrigued and the film had the rare honor of maintaining 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. I mean, I had to see it. I want to tell you guys something. I saw this movie twice in one day. Twice. It’s that good.

This movie was so great! I loved every single second of this movie and I thought that this film felt like classic horror and also very new school. Jordan Peele directed this movie like he’s been directing horror films for years. I really hope that Peele keeps expanding his film making horizons. I honestly can’t wait to see what he does next! Peele is also playing with a very full deck when it comes to his cast!

This cast is giving their all! It’s so awesome to see such a committed cast under such great direction. Bradley Whitford plays the family father and he was great, but Catherine Keener…was terrific! I’ve always been a fan of Catherine Keener on movies like Where The Wild Things Are, and Begin Again. In this film, Keener was terrifying, this may be her best role yet. Everyone else was good, but our lead actor Daniel Kaluuya was straight up brilliant! He had such great chemistry with every actor, he gave an incredibly well rounded performance, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else in this role. I thought Kaluuya had chops in Sicario, but this movie will cement him as the leading man type.

Let’s talk about Peele’s screenplay. Wow! Peele’s writing is ingenious! His script is scary, thoughtful, funny, and very tight. This movie really doesn’t have any excess. Every scene in this film added to the story, and it kept the film feeling very contained. On a second viewing, the writing got even more impressive! Peele is clearly a fan of horror! This is a masterfully directed film, which at times almost felt like a Kubrick film. That is a high praise that I feel Peele deserves.

This movie is garnering a lot of praise for the themes that it raises. Sometimes when a movie has really deep and thoughtful theme the actual plot of the movie can suffer. Not so with this one. I thought that they raised a lot of really interesting points using horror and comedy, while at the same time delivering a very thrilling movie. You really can feel Jordan Peele’s heart from behind the camera. The film is a love letter to horror and a platform for Peele to share some of his thought on our current cultural climate.

I love this movie! I can’t wait to pick up the blu ray, and I can’t recommend this movie enough.

Get Out-A

Terrific movie, guys!

So I’m going to see Logan on Thursday, so expect that review soon!

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