Important Things for 2018

Farewell 2017! A new year is here! New Years is a time for resolutions, fresh starts, family, love etc. My amazing girlfriend has suggested that I talk about her favorite films on my blog, and I’m happy to do it! She’s really a wonderful person! So talented, kind, genuine and just the all around best! Coincidentally, all of her favorite films contain lessons that I think we can all cherish in 2018. What are those films?

La La Land

From the direction to the choreography to the editing, I must say that this is a finely crafted film! Every time I re watch this film, I find myself enjoying it more and more! This film actually made my top ten list last year. Admittedly, if I had seen Arrival, Moonlight, and Lion before making that list…La La Land may not have made it. Still, I own the blu ray and I’ve introduced this one to multiple members of my family. What’s the lesson that we can bring with us into 2018? Live with passion! I love seeing Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone encouraging each other to pursue their dreams and to engage with their passion. I think that if you love something, don’t be ashamed of that. When I realized that other people weren’t as fanatic about film as I was, I felt like I had to keep quiet about it. Nope! If there’s something that you love, it shouldn’t be a secret! I’m not saying that you should be obnoxious (I am sometimes) about your passion, but don’t be afraid to let people know about what you love.

A Cinderella Man

This is one of the few movies where Russell Crowe really emotes. He’s kind of famous for being very stone faced and serious, but in this movie he wears his heart on his sleeve. I actually really like this movie! I think that the film is filled with great performances, especially from Paul Giamatti, and Ron Howard did a great job directing this film! The lesson? Work hard! Cinderella Man is the perfect title for this movie. James Braddock (Crowe) works incredibly hard in this movie to obtain his goal! There’s a quote that goes something like “I didn’t just chase the dream, I hunted it down.” Maybe you don’t have a dream to chase, but still. Whatever you do, do it well! Go to work early, stay late, try something new! Never stop doing your best!

Saving Mr. Banks

John Lee Hancock is pretty underrated director, I think. I really liked The Founder and I enjoyed The Blind Side. Saving Mr. Banks is probably his best film. I’m a big fan of movies that are about the making of other movies. This film thrives on the great performances, and the incredible score by Thomas Newman! My absolute favorite part of the film is B.J Novak and Jason Schwartzman as the Sherman brothers. They are fantastic in this film. So what’s the lesson? Be open to collaboration! Although the story was dear to P.L Travers she still worked with Walt Disney. Seriously, you see everyone working hard on something that they’re passionate about together. This year, if you get the chance to work with some really talented and creative people, don’t pass it up!


Oh man. I REALLY love this one! I hear these songs all the time at work, and I still love them! Moana is such a good movie! The voice talent is stellar, the songs are so much fun, and the story is a good one for kids! Moana teaches you to believe in yourself! You have to believe that you are more than enough and that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Sometimes this easier said than done, but what did Cinderella Man teach us?

One Day

I saw this one when I was on a Jim Sturgess kick. Turns out, he’s a good actor who’s in a lot of pretty bad movies. One Day, however is actually a pretty good movie with a unique concept. The best part of the movie is definitely the chemistry between Sturgess and Anne Hathaway. The ending of this movie is also incredibly sad…like almost unbearably sad! The lesson: “Whatever you have tomorrow, we had today’’… and yes, that is a quote from the movie. Basically, live in the moment. I know that I’ve talked a little bit about hopes and dreams, but it’s important to live in the now. Embrace the people around you, and take in all the beauty of the world. Some of my favorite moments of 2017 consisted of just being present in nature. Try it some time! Go out and just live each day to the fullest!

The Great Gatsby

Like most people, I read this book in high school. To be completely honest, I didn’t really like the book, but now I’ve come around a little bit. There’s plenty to appreciate about the book, and there’s quite a bit to appreciate about the movie. I commend Baz Luhrmann pouring his entire heart and soul into this movie. Not every stylistic choice of his works for me, but what this film gets right, it really gets right. This movie is filled with A list actor, and you can tell that everyone is giving it everything they’ve got! Joel Edgerton and Isla Fischer definitely steal the show for me in this movie. They just bring so much life to these characters. I also think that Leo and Tobey have great chemistry! Do another project together guys! There are probably hundreds of lessons in this one, but for me the big one is don’t let the fear of others dictate your lives. It’s interesting, at the end of the film everyone’s personal life is basically destroyed. Why? Almost everyone pretended to be something that they weren’t, because they were afraid of what other people thought. We want people to accept us, but find people who accept you for who you are. People who care about you and people who want to help you grow!

The Harry Potter Franchise

I actually ranked al of these films a little while ago. I didn’t see these movies until they had all been released on blu ray. I truly believe that there isn’t a bad film in this franchise. You have some of the best directors, some of the worlds finest actors, and a bunch of imagination. How can you possibly lose? My personal favorite is Goblet of Fire. I think that movie is everything that a Harry Potter film should be. So how do we pull one lesson from an eight film franchise? Well, I would say that the lesson is grow. When you watch this film, you see all of the kids in this cast grow before your very eyes. Not just from kids to adults, but you see them grow as actors, and as collaborators, and as people. End 2018 on a better note than 2017. Maybe you had a terrific year, but why not make 2018 even better?

So happy new year folks!

What’s the first film you’ll watch in 2018?

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