Kubo and the Two Strings review

A young boy goes on a quest.

You know, I have yet to love a movie this summer. Honestly, this has not been a great year. You remember Jason Bourne? The most memorable thing about the night that I saw that movie was the trailer for Kubo and the Two Strings. Actually it wasn’t a trailer, it was a popcorn commercial with some shots from Kubo. I never saw a full trailer for this movie, so I went in cold.

What a great movie! This film was incredible! You really do need to see this on the big screen, because this animation is spectacular! I kid you not, my mouth dropped multiple times during this movie! This is such a well made film. It’s also beautiful! These characters look so awesome and they actually portray a lot of emotions! Sometimes in stop motion, you don’t get a full emotional range, but not so with these characters!

This is a film that isn’t afraid to get dark, which is really great. This film has some scary moments and characters. In fact, something happens in the first minute that surprised me! I really love it that this film respects it’s audience and trusts us to handle some intense things. I love that this film also has strong positive themes about family and imagination! Any movie that encourages kids to use their imagination is doing something great in my book.

I also LOVED the score! I downloaded the soundtrack right away on the way home! It’s always cool when you get a beautifully animated film with a remarkable score. I really liked how the score kind of blended cultures.

In my opinion, you need great character to make a great animated film. This film has some really solid characters! Kubo is such a great protagonist and he’s wonderfully animated. As far as every other character, I would have preferred just a little more set up for the supporting cast. The second act of this movie just throws you into the action, which is commendable, but I feel like I didn’t get engage with the other characters that well. Still, these characters are really fun!

I know that this film is an hour and forty minutes long, which might be pushing it for an animated film, but I wouldn’t have minded a longer movie. I wanted to spend more time on the adventure, more time with the characters, I wanted to get into the mythology more, I wanted a longer movie. I get that stop motion is really hard. I really do, I just wanted more.

Also, it’s pretty clear that the actors in this movie aren’t really voice actors. They give good performances, but with some really awesome voice actors this movie could have been even greater. Some of the comedic scenes didn’t quite land, and a few dramatic moments could have been stronger. This is a VERY minor flaw.

At the end of the day, this is a pretty great movie that the whole family will love. This movie pulls at your heart strings in all the right ways.

Kubo and the Two Strings A-

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