Split review

Three girls are kidnapped by a man…with 23 personalities. NO SPOILERS!!

M. Night Shyamalan. Look you’ve heard everything about him, so I’ll just quickly give you my opinion:

I love The Sixth Sense! I think it’s a great (nearly flawless) movie. I think Unbreakable is pretty good, didn’t really love Signs, The Village is a poorly executed interesting idea. After that…I haven’t like any of his films. I didn’t see The Visit because I didn’t want to get tricked again, but I heard that it was ok.

Now, the most memorable thing about my experience seeing Jason Bourne was the trailer for Split. I couldn’t believe that a Shyamalan film looked this good, dare I say great! I was considering avoiding this movie, because if this was a bad, I’d have no one to blame but myself. Still, this movie looked so good! I had to take a chance!

This movie is insane. Like bonkers, mad, crazy, certifiably insane!!! Let’s start off with the obvious; James McAvoy is absolutely brilliant. Brilliant! This is his best performance yet, but it never feels show offy. I didn’t see McAvoy, I saw this character. I feel like Anya Taylor-Joy (who plays the lead girl) isn’t getting the recognition she deserves for her performance, because she’s great! I thought that she was a very well developed character. Betty Buckley gave a terrific performance as well, although sometimes her dialogue is a little too expository. Still she is great in this film!

I need to bring up the cinematography because that element played a HUGE part in this movie! There was something just a little off in a few shots, and it was very unsettling. As the movie went on the cinematography got more intense, and it was crazy! The editing was also on point. I really like it when the cinematography and the editing compliment each other.

Let’s talk about Shyamalan’s direction: Terrific! He knows when to let the camera run, when to use a long take, and when to use a close up and a wide shot. His direction is just masterful in this movie. Honestly, I had white knuckles from holding on to my armrests. This film was so intense and suspenseful!

Now, this is not a perfect movie. In fact the first minute (literally) of this movie had me nervous. Some of this dialogue was really clunky and I was wondering if the film was going to be any good, but immediately after that first minute…my fears were gone. By the time the opening credits started, I knew that I was going to love this movie. Now some of the dialogue is still a little clunky, but this is still a really solid script.

No spoilers, but the ending…very meh.

If you’re on the fence about this one, go check it out! I haven’t had a theatrical experience this unsettling since 10 Cloverfield Lane, and you guys know that I love that movie! This is Shyamalan’s best film since The Sixth Sense.


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