Ten Great Films for Date Night

If you’re preparing a fun weekend with your significant other, maybe you should pick up one of these movies.

This isn’t just a list of romantic comedies. These are movies that you will really enjoy watching on date night.

10 Things I Hate About You

This is a super delightful film, with a really stellar cast! Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a movie that’s based on Shakespeare. Come on! How can you lose?


This is probably the most delightful Marvel movie ever. This film has some cool action, but it’s also very funny. Paul Rudd is really enjoyable in this movie. While the plot isn’t terribly original, the execution makes this a great movie to watch on any date.

Catch Me If You Can

No list is complete without a Spielberg film or two. This is one of his more lighthearted films. The screenplay, the characters, and the story make watching this movie a great time. You’re going to love this one!


This movie is really funny and it looks fantastic! You’ll both be smiling from beginning to end. How can you beat that? Here’s a suggestion. Watch this before dinner. That way when the movie is over, you won’t need to have a long discussion on where you want to eat. Just get in the car and you’ll end up going to the first restaurant that you see.


This movie pokes fun at old school Disney movies which provides a lot of solid humor. This movie has something for everyone. If you like comedy, musical numbers, parody, fantasy, Amy Adams, or Patrick Dempsey, you’ll love this movie! Also, this movie will make you want to take a trip to New York: The Greatest City in the world, and that is a major plus!

Finding Nemo

This movie has a perfect mix of cuteness and adventure. In my opinion this is Pixar’s best film. Are you ready for an emotional roller coaster? If you are, then watch this movie about family, friendship, devotion, letting go, breaking out of prison, and so much more.

Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson delivers a bright and colorful film (as usual) about love in a really interesting way. This movie has a way of accessing your nostalgia. You’ll remember how much bigger the world felt when you were younger. This is one of Wes Anderson’s best film and a great film to watch on movie with your date.

The Princess Bride

Do I even need to say anything?

Roman Holiday

This is my favorite romantic comedy. You have one of the greatest directors of all time, (William Wyler) two of the most iconic actors of all time, (Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn) a screenplay by Dalton Trumbo, a wonderful score, and a practically perfect movie. This movie is still very funny to this very day! The chemistry between these two actors is flawless. This movie is classic! This film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. Long story short, this film is simply amazing! This film earned Audrey Hepburn an Academy award for Best Actress. A lot of people consider Roman Holiday to be the role that lead to her becoming one of the most iconic actresses of all time. I can’t recommend this movie enough. This is one of my favorite films, and it just might be one of yours if you give it a watch.

The Sound of Music

Another one of my favorite films. This film is very sweet, and has a very classic feel. Also, the song Something Good is in this movie. That is the song for date night, ladies and gentlemen. You’ll love all of the music in this movie, and you’ll have a great time watching this together.

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