The Magnificent Seven review (and How To Ruin People’s Movie Going Experience)

Seven dangerous men are assembled to restore justice to a desperate town.

So I’m just gonna throw this out there: I sat next to three distracting people during this movie, and it did affect my movie going experience. Still, I will look past that and talk about the movie!

Antoine Fuqua is a very interesting director. The man has a very diverse filmography with flicks like Training Day, King Arthur, The Equalizer, Brooklyn’s Finest, Southpaw, Olympus Has Fallen just to name a few. The guy has kind of done it all. I think he directs action quite well, but I also don’t think that he has a lot of style. Maybe it’s because of his wide range of filmography, but I’ve seen most of his movies and there really isn’t a style that jumps out to me. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy quite a few of his films. So when I heard that he was directing a remake of The Magnificent Seven, I didn’t really get all that excited. Then I heard about the cast and to be honest, I am a little over the actors in this cast. Jurassic World kind of turned me away from Chris Pratt, Denzel hasn’t really impressed me in a good while, and I’m not crazy about the rest of the cast. I wasn’t gonna see this movie, but a couple people asked me if I was going to review it. I love writing for anyone who wants to read about what I have to say, and I can think of worse ways to spend a Thursday night, so I saw it.

This is a pretty fun popcorn movie. If you’re gonna see it, see it in the theater! This film has some really gorgeous cinematography, like some really solid shots! It’s all the more impressive when you see how well they use stunt work! This film has some very impressive stunt work, including some great work with horses! But perhaps this films greatest strength is the action. Oh man, the action is really cool! Have you ever seen the film King Arthur? It’s also directed by Fuqua. The movie is kind of bland, but the action sequences are SO COOL!!!! This film is pretty similar.

Now here’s the question: How’s the cast? The main seven actors are pretty good. They’re all fine. No one really surprised me, although I did find Ethan Hawke to be better than anticipated. It was actually cool, because when Hawke and Washington were first on screen together, the gentleman next to me looked at me and said “Training Day.” I thought that was really cool. The supporting cast? Pretty rough to be honest! Haley Bennett plays…a woman? Her character was pretty forgettable and her performance was quite bad. Also, Peter Sarsgaard plays the villain. The villain also quite unremarkable and not very intimidating.

Now I will say that this film got better as time went on. The first thirty minutes or so weren’t great. I had to sit through some bad acting, and that lead to a story that wasn’t very engaging. Now when we meet the seven and the action starts, it’s pretty cool! As the action heats up the movie gets cooler and cooler.

Look, this isn’t a bad movie. It’s not a great movie. Like so many movies this year, it’s fine. It’s ok and fun to watch with a tub of popcorn and a big Coke, but I can’t imagine watching this a second time. It’s got some great action, but it also has some flat characters.

The Magnificent Seven-C+

Now, onto the movie going experience:

So I live in Ohio, and select cinema’s have luxury recliners. I love these seats for two reasons:

  1. They are SO comfortable!
  2. If you pre order your ticket, you get to pick your seat!

I always select my seat ahead of time now! The downside is that you’ll usually find yourself sitting next to strangers, which hasn’t been an issue for me…until tonight. I walked in and found my seat next to family of three. It actually warms my heart to see this. Some of my favorite memories are going to see films with my dad. So I sat down and didn’t think twice about anything. Once the movie started though, I knew I was in trouble. There was an awesome action scene and the youngest person started yelling at the screen. My greatest pet peeve is when people talk when they aren’t supposed to! In classes, church, movies, the Sunday school class that I teach, I don’t like it!

This family talked throughout a vast majority of the film and they were sitting right next to me. Every time something cool happened this kid would yell something out. Then, they kept getting up to use the bathroom. Three times! Three! The nice gentleman sitting on my other side was a dream movie goer, and he was also getting annoyed! Finally, I think that they could tell that the other theater patrons were getting annoyed as people started to open seats that were further away, and then they were quiet.

Folks I went to college for one semester and I got an A on a paper that I wrote about theater etiquette. Respecting one’s movie going experience is very important to me. Yeah, I had fun watching The Magnificent Seven, but if it hadn’t been for those distractions…maybe I could have had an even better time. I paid $13 to have a good time at the movies, not to listen to someones commentary!

Speaking of theaters, make sure you head to the Kroc center this Saturday at 1:00! There will be free screening of Beauty and the Beast and it’s gonna be awesome!

The Kroc center is located at 1000 N Keowee St, Dayton, OH 45404.

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