The Peanuts Movie review

Charlie Brown’s daily struggle to overcome the mediocrity of his life.

I have a very special place in my heart for Peanuts. I grew up with the comics, I had the videos as a child, I even played Snoopy in a middle school production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. My sister gets me Peanuts merchandise every Christmas, I have Peanuts drinking glasses, my girlfriend played Sally Brown in Snoopy. You get it.

So when this came out in theaters, I was nervous. I was terrified that Charlie Brown was going to be twerking, that we’d have an updated dub step score, and Lucy would be bullying Charlie Brown on instagram.

Thankfully, this movie got it right…for the most part. I really enjoyed this delightful film. I loved Charlie Brown! It is so easy to cheer him on. I thought that this movie had a very good script, and the voice casting was spot on! All of these things made this film fun!

The animation was also pretty great. It was the PERFECT blend of old and new. You can tell that the film makers have a true love for the source material.

Also, they did a good job with the score. They honored the original jazzy music and added some new pieces.

Now, I do have a few problems with this movie, and they are pretty personal:

  1. They use some hip radio songs in this film and I HATED it. Now, I’m not talking about the score, I mean some of the songs that they used in this movie. They attempted to modernize the film with some pop songs, and they were terrible. They slammed me out of the movie. They were super distracting.
  2. Charlie Brown doesn’t really “share the wealth.” Aside from Snoopy, they don’t spend much time with anyone else and that bummed me out! Lucy never leaned against Schroeder’s piano and bugged him, Schroeder didn’t even have any lines! No one asked Pig Pen to clean up, Lucy never gave a ridiculous book report, Sally Brown never bemoaned her grades. They called this The Peanuts Movie, they should have called it, Charlie Brown and Snoopy.
  3. This movie spent a little too much time with Snoopy’s dog fight sequences. I’ve never liked those, and this movie has five scene’s with Snoopy dog fighting. One would have been just fine.

My buddy Mitch (who hasn’t seen the movie) said that this movie has the reverse “Where-The-Wild-Things-Are-Conundrum.” This term (that we made up) is used when a children’s book is adapted to a film, but that film is made for an adult audience. The problem then is that those adults bring their kids to the movie, and their kids don’t really like the movie. This happens sometimes, but the opposite happened here, hence the reverse “Where-The-Wild-Things-Are-Conundrum.” I don’t remember many people taking their kids to The Peanuts Movie, it was more of my generation seeing the movie. We liked it, but this film is geared more towards children I think.

Overall, this is a sweet, fun, entertaining movie! Watch it with the family and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

The Peanuts Movie-B

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