Top Ten Favorite Movies of 2015

Alright! You know what I’m talking about, my favorites. That’s right, MY favorites. Now, I’m not saying that I have the best opinion when it comes to film. I just love movies and I love talking about them and these are the top ten movies that I loved the most this year. Keep in mind that I did not see The Revenant, because it hasn’t been released in a theater near me (yet it will still be a contender at the Oscars I imagine. I might have something to say about that after I see the movie) however of the films I saw, these were my favorite.

10. Dope

Why it’s on this list: This movie was really funny and had some great characters, and a great soundtrack. This movie had a lot to say and I think they did a good job. I loved the chemistry between the actors and I loved the dialogue!

Why it’s not higher: I haven’t picked this up on blu-ray yet and it’s been out for a while. I saw this movie twice and it lost a little bit of excitement the second time. Also, I didn’t buy the romance in this movie and the romance actually ruined the end of the movie for me.

9. Mad Max: Fury Road

Why it’s on this list: This was a fun, great looking movie. I had so much fun watching this and I’ve enjoyed watching it at home. I loved seeing an old school film maker directing an action movie today.

Why it’s not higher: The characters. Plain and simple, I didn’t care about these characters. I was watching this for action and craziness, but I really didn’t care about the characters. I wasn’t cheering our heroes on and I wasn’t on the edge of my seat. I just sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the visual experience.

8. The Martian

Why it’s on this list: I loved seeing Ridley Scott make a great movie! I loved the characters, I laughed frequently, I felt involved. This movie was a blast.

Why it’s not higher: During the beginning of the third act, the pacing fell off a little and I started checking my watch.

7. Creed

Why it’s on this list: I only own and really enjoy one Rocky movie. The first. Well now, I will be owning two. I loved Creed! I loved the chemistry between Donnie and Rocky. This is maybe the best performance we have ever seen from both of these actors. Stallone actually had me tearing up in some scenes! Excellent directing and acting gave this film the number seven slot.

Why it’s not higher: The romance. I didn’t believe the love story element. I thought this was just a mere exposition platform.

6. Sicario

Why it’s on this list: This movie made me so uncomfortable. The unflinching realistic story telling in this film crushed me. I wanted to leave a few times because I just couldn’t take it. It’s pretty rare that a movie effects me that way. I would love to see this movie nominated for best picture.

Why it’s not higher: I just enjoyed five movies more. I know that’s a lazy answer, but it’s true.

5. Inside Out

Why it’s on this list: Tears! I cried tears! I felt every emotion, I connected with every character, this was classic pixar.

Why it’s not higher: Halfway through the movie I checked my watch, because Bing Bong’s humor was a little one note for me. Still, he did get a tear out of me.

4. Steve Jobs

Why it’s on this list: Every actor was excellent and the screenplay was AWESOME! This had better get a best adapted screenplay nomination. I liked seeing Seth Rogen do something new, Fassbender is one of my favorite actors, and I can’t wait to pick this up on blu-ray.

Why it’s not higher: The movie is a little bit of a platform for Sorkin dialogue. It felt like a few characters only existed to share some Sorkin genius.

3. The Hateful Eight

Why it’s here: Tarantino has done it again! Magnetic and magnificent characters brought this riveting dialogue to life, and I had a blast watching this movie. My favorite director brought this movie to life!

Why it’s not higher: When the mystery of the film was revealed, I was a little disappointed.

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Why it’s here: All my life I have wanted to see a great Star Wars movie in the theater. WISH GRANTED! I saw this movie three times, and I’m going back again with my sister.

Why it’s not higher: Listen, I loved this movie. However, it didn’t drive a stake into my heart and leave it there. I didn’t sit in silence when it was over. I did for another movie though, and that movie was…

  1. Spotlight

WOW! I loved this movie. The direction and the writing, every element of this film came together to make a great flawless movie. This movie truly fired on all cylinders for me.

So there’s my top ten of 2015! What are your favorites?

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