Zootopia vs The Jungle Book

Disney’s got two talking animal flicks!

So, I want to compare these two movies to see which I like the most.

Also, I might get into some very mild SPOILERS, and that’s my fair warning. Here we go:

Where Zootopia has Jungle Book beat:

  1. Creating a world.

My favorite thing about Zootopia was the world that they created. This world was so well thought out and so very fun! My issue with Jungle Book is that the roles of the animals aren’t as clear. You know what I mean? Who are the wolves? What is Louie really the king of? Who’s in charge? I mean, it was a little confusing. I would have liked to see a little more of the world the Jungle Book.

2. Humor

I think that Zootopia is way funnier! You might be saying:

“But Zach! Have you ever read The Jungle Book? It’s not funny. The story isn’t funny. Zach you’re so dumb. By the way, the internet said that the animated one is bad and the internet is always right.”

Here’s the thing though: Zootopia was also a lot more fun. I felt that Jungle Book was a tad too dark in tone at times, not that it’s really a flaw. I just wanted to have a little more fun with The Jungle Book, and I felt like Zootopia delivered that a little better.

3. Chemistry

I truly think that these characters in Zootopia had great chemistry! The downside to Jungle Book is that the characters (aside from Mowgli and Baloo) have decent chemistry. I loved the dynamic of Nick and Judy Hopps, and I actually want to spend more time with them. I would love to see them tackle another mystery in a sequel. I don’t really want a second Jungle Book film.

Where Jungle Book has Zootopia beat:

  1. Story

In my Zootopia review, I said:

“The mystery of the film wasn’t very engaging to me, UNTIL the third act. In the third act, the movie exploded in the best possible way.”

With Jungle Book, I was really engaged with the story. Sure it’s a pretty simple story, but it was executed very well. I was more interested in the Zootopia characters than I was with the actually story.

2. Breaking New Ground

Zootopia took a big step forward with it’s themes, but Jungle Book has potentially changed the game CGI. Zootopia looks great, but it’s really nothing new.

3. Casting

With this movie, there were no complaints about the voice cast. Usually, there’s a few casting choice that seem odd, but this movie nailed it a little more than Zootopia did.

So at the end of the day, I think I enjoyed ZOOTOPIA more! I can’t wait to see both movies again, and my hat is off to Disney.