Less-Known Differences Between Porcelain And Prepless Veneers Explained!

If you have been exploring teeth straightening options for a while, then prepless dental veneers could be an ideal choice. You might be wondering why? Well, this kind of dental veneers is a gift from the modern dentistry that has a gamut of benefits to offer you. In fact, many cosmetic dentists suggest prepless veneers over cosmetic porcelain veneers. The reason is simple — it’s a non-invasive dental procedure that requires minimal preparatory work on teeth.

For patients who are struggling to get their teeth straightened without getting in a notice of others, it’s an amazing treatment as these veneers are ultra-thin in size. Correcting crooked teeth were the thing of the past as prepless veneers can correct it in a painless manner. It’s the best smile makeover that you will fall in love with. Let’s discuss a bit more in detail about porcelain veneers and prepless veneers, so that the next time you can quickly decide which one suits you the most.

  1. Porcelain Veneers:

Porcelain veneers are still the choice of many dentists in the US. These veneers are semi-translucent and are very thin in size — making them a highly appreciated dental treatment. They closely get bonded with your teeth but don’t get noticed easily due to their color and translucency. The porcelain material is extremely compatible when placed with gum tissues. As porcelain tends to resist staining, you will get a bright & white smile for ages.

While placing porcelain veneers, a cosmetic dentist will first analyze your current smile and conditions that could hinder with the process. If everything is fine, then the dentist will go ahead to match these Best Oral Surgery Anaheim Hills, CA veneers to the look of your natural teeth. The whole process typically takes two sittings to accomplish — 1st one for teeth evaluation & 2nd for placing porcelain veneers. To make a seamless fit between these veneers and teeth, often some preparatory work is required on teeth.

  1. Prepless Veneers:

When it is about choosing one of the best teeth straightening options, prepless veneers lead the way. They offer similar aesthetic and functional benefits as that of porcelain with an added advantage of protecting tooth enamel. That means, your natural tooth-enamel is preserved as there is no preparatory work is needed on teeth. Furthermore, if a patient wishes to get his veneers removed in the future, the whole procedure can be reversed conveniently.


After reading here about these two teeth straightening options, you won’t find it difficult to pick the one that matches close to your dental needs. Typically, people prefer prepless dental veneers because it outnumbers cosmetic porcelain veneers in benefits. However, follow your dentist’s advice as he always recommends a viable dental procedure after deeply analyzing your dental conditions.

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