Today was a great day!

Woke up at 5 a.m.

Drove to L.A for the first time!

My dad accompanied me. #bonding

Went to Central Casting to register to be a background actor.

The line is long and not everyone gets in.

Waited in line for 2 hrs.

Met two awesome people!

  1. Antoine from Russia.Animator and Actor. Starred in a Cage the Elephant music video. Animated promotional material for Suicide Squad. Hilarious! Great personality!
  2. Fujiko from Japan. So outgoing and encouraging! Such a pleasure to meet her! Spent the whole process with her by my side. #friendship

Got our ticket for orientation!

Won’t have to wait again. :)



Met two really cool women that have done background work and set crew before.


Ready to work!!!!

Drove home and it was sprinkling!

Exhausted. Nap time.

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