I thought by leaving me.

Well it’s weird it’s not that you left.

It is that you never came back.

That you were going to improve yourself.

Not tear yourself down.

Does openly hating yourself make you happier?

You fascinate me.

I want to know everything in your mind.

Bc you are a mystery.

You abandon people who support and love you? But keep people around who don’t build you up.

Was I supposed to treat you like shit?

Was I not supposed to love you?

Like would you have kept me around?

I am confused.

I think I am supposed to learn something from you? But there has been so many mixed messages.

Why am I supposed to get over you? Why did you make the choice without me?

It deeply affects my life. I was just supposed to be ok. Forget about you in 2 months? As if you were nothing.

You are a very big something to me.

I don’t even want to date unless the guy is basically you.

Man if I ever date again they have huge Saucony shoes to fill.

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