Loving yourself is really hard.

The person I love is gone.

Resents me.

It is hard to feel lovable.

I feel like the furthest away from lovable as possible.

I never wanted to be resented yet here I am.

I know he loves me and cares about me.

I should have respected his wishes.

Instead I lost him for good.

Who needs a toxic crybaby around?

I love him.

I must let him go.

I am the one with the problem.

I wasn’t enough.

I didn’t love myself and others won’t either.

Thank you again. I hold no animosity towards you. I am just thankful I got to experience that kind of happiness. That unexplainable excitement.

I have said it a million times I hope that you can forgive me for not giving you the space you needed. I was selfish. We pretty much were dating ourselves.

I ask forgiveness for not letting you go when you wanted. For holding on.

Love yourself as much as I love you and you will be unstoppable.

I am not mad about the break up. I am deeply confused and saddened by it.

You need to live your dreams.

I need to create new ones.

I was so happy with you.

I would have been happy for a long time.

I loved everything about you.

The hardest part is not being able to tell you so.

You need space. You need new experiences.

I hope to become a girl worth missing someday.

You were the music to my lyrics. That song plays on inside me. It is my favorite melody.

I never wanted to haunt you or hurt you.

I wanted to be the whole bundle.

But there is a piece missing.

You are not a prize. You are a person.

The most incredible guy.

I know you will love yourself. You have already taken a huge step by detaching yourself from potential codependency.

I however am struggling. Bc I show my emotions I feel like maybe that is why I’m not worth sticking around for. My tears make people feel guilty. I need to be alone. I’ve tried dating but in the end it is me. When I love myself and quit desiring sex and human intimacy. I would love to see you again.

I have a lot of projects and interesting things to share with you.

I know you only do what you want when you want. So please consider giving me a chance at friendship.

Esp. Since my goals are to remain single. So I wouldn’t come onto you or anything. I would just genuinely care about your goals.

I would love to congratulate you on your graduation. I will be ok by then.

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