Faith Driven Entrepreneur

“But I believe God has brought this technology to me for a reason. I shouldn’t just sit on it, I should do something with it.”

“Then, do something,” he remarked.

This was the conversation between my husband, Jerry and myself that ultimately began the chapter of life I am currently living. It began over a year ago, after ending a four-year business partnership with my best friend. It was a very difficult end to an adventure that I will never regret. Not that I don’t have plenty of regrets about how things went down, but what I gained from it was incredibly insightful. I learned a whole lot about what NOT to do.

With Jerry on board, we set out to begin a new business. We prayed. We prayed some more. We prayed that if this was indeed what God wants from us, that He would make it clear. I realized long ago that if He doesn’t want you to go in a certain direction, He will cause roadblock after roadblock. I wasn’t about to spin my wheels if He wasn’t on board as well.

All signs said go. First things first, I started writing a business plan. Mind you, I have never written a business plan before. In fact, I hate writing. I hate writing so much, that I have put off writing this blog for over a year. But, again I find myself convicted that I should be sharing this story. So, here I am at 3 a.m. writing as honestly and from the heart as I possibly can. Yes, I am scared. Scared of so many things. Scared that people won’t like what I have to say. Scared that I might offend someone. Scared that people will judge me wrongfully. I am walking in faith here. Faith that God is going to do something through this journey that will positively affect others. He is capable of doing far more than I can imagine.

I found myself back in school all over again. The school of real life; a true trial by fire. Figure it out or find someone to help you. Realizing that our combined skill set was very limited, we reached out for mentoring. God opened doors. We began meeting people who had been where we are, and wanted to share their expertise, for FREE. What a wonderful thing! After six months of intense research, writing, and mentoring, we had completed the plan. Now what?

We needed money. Well, it turns out that our “little” business adventure wasn’t suited for traditional funding. We quickly found out that because of our business model and the nature of the product, it would require investment funding. Well, I didn’t have a clue as to what to do with that tidbit of information. I didn’t know any investors. Again, we prayed, “what now, God?”

Fortunately the mentors that we had been working with knew of a trustworthy investor who could play an advisory role for the preparation of “the pitch.” They made the introduction, and we took it from there. This gentleman was kind, patient, and very knowledgeable. The words he used were so above my head. “This is WAY above me, I don’t belong here.” I would cry out to Jerry. I had to lean into God hard. I knew that if He wanted me to do this, He would get me through it. Both, my husband and my mentor continually assured me that I was going to do just fine. Six months later, we were ready to pitch. I submitted the application to our local Angel Investment group, and we waited…

Walking in faith can be so exciting and so draining at the exact same time. Uncertainty requires faith, and faith fuels excitement. It’s a roller coaster ride, but God is right there with me, hands in the air, showing no fear.

More stories of my journey are yet to come. Thank you for reading. I pray that God is with you on your journey.

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