M. George Hansen

Oh please, spare me … if working at Yelp or becoming a superstar in the Social Media swirl were her true passion and dream (and maybe it is?), then Talia would buck up and make those “sacrifices” necessary to be able to afford to stay in SF and work her way up the Yelp ladder. And I do use the word sarcrifice with tongue full in cheek, because having to share living space with rent-sharing roommates and drinking Jack vs. single barrel boutique bourbon are hardly what I’d call downgrading one’s lifestyle. 
Call me an a**hole, but I have little to no sympathy that her job failed to work out. The reasons and cause for her dismissal were self-inflicted. I started out in the publishing industry in NYC and then LA (both pretty expensive cities if I recall), commuted 55 miles daily each way (in LA), and earned a pittance. But I wanted to be there, my foot was in the door, and I knew I had to perform and excel to rise within the ranks. More important, I WANTED TO, and I was willing to eat s**t along the way. 
Funny thing … it was all worth it and then some. 
Talie, from the sound of her whine, wants to bypass the service elevator for the exec suite because, and in what has become a fairly common thread with 20 somethings these days (Stefanie excluded), she thinks she DESERVES to because, golly, she has a college degree and can make memes and clever tweets. 
My advice? Discard … no, jettison! … that attitude of yours, young lady, get a job that will help you stay in the Bay Area, close to the industries I presume you still want to work in, and put your head down and grind.

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