‘Fake It ’Til You Make It’

Currently, lot of economic development is being concentrated around Startups. And most of the startups in current world are around Technology.

Now what is the biggest block to kick off the technology startup? After having discussion with lot of entrepreneurs, i feel that the biggest blocks for bootstrap startup is the Product Cost. Any good product development will include resources, technology, infrastructure & others. But, if any entrepreneur goes for a good product with the best stack available, development cost will be high.

Secondly time to market, Most of the entrepreneurs spend significant time in building a final product losing the traction in the market to other competitors.

And generally, if the entrepreneur wants to mitigate cost & time risk that can led to the

  1. Either owner ends up with a sub standard product
  2. Or product with limited features

In both the cases, entrepreneur ends up losing. So what is the way ahead.

Way is ahead is “Fake Till You Make”. Faking the application will help in testing & engaging the market while you are working on launching the product.

Challenge is how to fake the application with the same functionalities and a acceptable user experience. It depends upon the type of application.

Lets take an example of Mobile Application:

Mobile application can be of Native, Hybrid & Web. Native applications are expensive as it needs to develop application on iOS, Android and others. While Hybrid are cordova, Xamarin based applications. Hybrid applications are also expensive but not up to Native. Third kind of mobile web application are based out of frameworks like Sails/Node JS.

In case of mobile application based companies, there could be several ways to start as per my experience of working with multiple startups

a) Launch a BootStrap based mobile website application to test the idea followed by native application development & implementation depending upon the application performance

b) Launch a native application for the targeted consumer for one device for concept testing. It will be followed by native application for other devices

c) Launch a hybrid mobile application if the target market cuts across the mobile devices which then gradually be transformed to native based upon the increased customer base.

All the applications across various areas could be developed as per different strategies. But the important concept should be “ Fake Till You Make”

Details of each will be in future post. Keep Reading…

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