World has been moving fast & so does corporates need to. Some years back, no one can think of corporates accepting open source technologies due to varied reasons but currently this situation is changing. As per my discussion with some of the top IT people working with Fortune 500 companies, I came to know that big corporates are now much more willing to embrace open source & below are some of the reasons driving the same

1) Cost: World is becoming competitive day by day. Technology is changing fast & one can’t afford to invest too much on proprietary technologies/tools when the life span of that technology tool is not known

2) Technical Prowess: As contribution to open source products is through collaboration, hence open source are superior when it comes to embracing the change. Proprietary takes their own time which can led to opportunity miss for big corporates

3) Support: With the advent & popularity of social media, it has become easier to get support for the open source products. There are channels like GitHub & as well as dedicated group of helpers who support the open source troubles

4) Improving Security: The number of resource contributing to a product makes a difference and in case of popular OSS, the contributors are definitely very high including security.

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