Under a Piscean sky, on this very sunny morning in London, we find ourselves sifting through pieces from our Zodiac Collection.

Pisces - Zodiac Collection by Smith & George

Twelve signs that capture people’s minds. There are those that attach all meaning to ‘their’ sign, and those that find it all a load of old codswallop!

At Smith & George, we design all our work based on the idea of beautiful pieces. So, whether you show an interest in astrology, an interest in jewellery or, indeed, both, our Zodiac Collection has something for you.

Zodiac Collection by Smith & George

In western astrology, the zodiac is divided into twelve signs. From the Ancient Greek zoidiakos kyklos — ‘animal circle’, the term ‘zodiac’ and the twelve signs are today primarily associated with horoscopic astrology.

Zodiac Collection by Smith & George

Aries, the ram; Taurus, the bull; Gemini, the twins; Cancer, the crab; Leo, the lion; Virgo, the maiden; Libra, the scales; Scorpio, the scorpion; Sagittarius, the archer; Capricorn, the mountain sea-goat; Aquarius, the water bearer; Pisces, the fish.

Zodiac Collection by Smith & George

Which sign are you?