See Here’s The Thing About “Black On Black Crime”…

In response to any Black person criticizing white supremacy, racism in America and all of that — you should never bring up “Black on Black crime.”

See, in your mind, you’re thinking Black people should stop killing other Black people, if we think white people should stop killing/oppressing us. Your logic is all flawed, because you’re not looking at the source of the issue. You’re not looking at context and motivation.

Gang violence does not occur because Black people can’t stand Black skin and other African-Americans. They’re not murdering each other because of their race or the color of their skin. They’re not driven by racism. You could argue that this kind of violence is a result of economics, education, geography and yes, white supremacy.

Those murders are not motivated by the same things that motivate a white person to murder a Black person solely because of their skin color. “What does it matter, it’s still murder,” you say. Yes, it does matter, context does matter. That white racist is motivated by racism, which is in and of itself completely irrational and has no logical reason to exist. I just traced the problem back to it’s source, did you see that? It starts with racism. Which doesn’t make any sense, and shouldn’t exist, right? Okay.

Black people murdering other Black people in Chicago…this is something completely different. Sure, violence in general is bad, but let’s trace it back to the source. Why are they killing each other? Well, you’d have to factor in the neighborhoods they live in and who else lives in those neighborhoods. Proximity. Plus economically, are they at an advantage or disadvantage? Do they have resources that other people have? Economics, education, geography…these all play a hand into how someone could end up living in that type of dangerous environment and lifestyle. All of those things, by the way, are not their fault.

We already know crack was being forced into the Black community and neighborhoods on purpose. There are Black people born and raised in environments that are literally built to destroy them, and at the very least, make their lives extremely difficult. Sure, violence is wrong, and I’m not excusing that here, but it’s important to remember context. The system is rigged against these kids. And sometimes they end up doing terrible things in order to survive. A different solution is required to fix gang violence. You can’t equate that to white supremacy.

White people gotta stop being racist. That fixes racism. You know what fixes “Black on Black crime”? The white supremacy that has build geographical, economic and educational system these Black people are placed in, has to go. You trace the problem back to its original source.

“No, Black people just need to stop getting in gangs.” WHY are they getting involved in gangs? And once you answer that, figure out the reason for that answer. And the reason for that answer, and the reason for that answer. And you’ll eventually land on what I just told you.

Violence motivated by racism/white supremacy is not the same as gang violence. They’re not the same. They require different solutions in order to be fixed. So take that “Black on Black” conversation somewhere else, because it doesn’t belong anywhere near Black Lives Matter. Gang violence is not the same thing as violence caused by racism. Context matters.

Also, this just teaches you to examine Black people differently, as opposed to any other race. Because you don’t say white on white violence, or Asian on Asian violence. Yet, for us, there is idea that when we kill each other, it’s somehow radically different from all other murders. When it isn’t. You’ve been conditioned to think that way to ignore the real issue. Of course white people would learn to just flip the conversation in the other direction to get the attention off of themselves. They’ve been doing it for decades.

“Black on Black crime.”

“Reverse racism.”

“Politically correct.” Or just deeming any kind of discussion of racism/sexism/homophobia as “political.” When it isn’t.


Why do you think these terms exist? They’re trying to change the subject, switch the perspective. Don’t let them.