Colorado Small Businesses Would Benefit From FAMLI Act

As small business owners we’re disappointed the Colorado legislature is not passing a paid leave bill this year because the Family Medical Leave Insurance Program (FAMLI Act) would level the playing field for small firms trying to compete with their larger business counterparts for talented employees. After all, larger businesses have the money to have staff dedicated to developing and overseeing benefits like paid family leave. An operation like ours, however, could not afford to dedicate those kind of resources to benefits.

What’s more, a program like the FAMLI Act in which everyone has skin in the game is likely to succeed. Asking employers and employees to invest a small amount of money to make sure those who need time off from work to care for a newborn or a sick loved one have the ability to do that sounds like a no brainer to us.

Although the FAMLI Act will not become law this year, we hope lawmakers at least pass legislation that would ensure the program is thoroughly evaluated. Doing so is an important step toward leveling the playing field for Colorado’s small firms.

Kamiya Willoughby and Tess Hurlburt own SoulNia in Denver.