Recent ACA ruling will disrupt small business

Small Business Majority
Jan 10 · 1 min read

The post below is in response to the recent ruling in the case of Texas v. U.S., which further complicates the future of the Affordable Care Act.

The U.S. Court of Appeals made a grave mistake when it put the future of the ACA in limbo once more. The ACA’s components must be upheld in full because the law has been absolutely critical to the success of the California small business community.

The ACA helped address the two biggest issues entrepreneurs face when trying to find healthcare coverage: access and affordability. Because the law made it easier for people to obtain their own coverage, many aspiring entrepreneurs escaped “job lock” and were able to go out on their own to start new ventures. In fact, in California, about 370,000 self-employed entrepreneurs purchased their health insurance through the state marketplace.

While the state has taken numerous steps to protect the marketplaces here in California, the ACA needs to be protected in order to prevent more chaos and confusion in our healthcare system.

-Xiomara Peña, California Program Director, Small Business Majority

Small Business Majority

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