Explaining Trump’s win to baffled Brits
Steve Hilton

It couldn’t happen here

I see the appeal of a different type of politician, although I confess that I find Trump distasteful.

Here in the UK, all of our politicians seem to be following a career path; they study Politics Philosophy and Economics at a red brick university, then choose a political party to work for, not on the basis of their beliefs, but on the basis of their best prospects for power. Milliband, Cameron, BOJo, Blair; they’re all cut from the same cloth, and none of them have ever had a proper job, let alone run a business. They’re all members of a London based liberal clique, and they don’t seem to live on the same planet as ordinary hard working British people. The Brexit earthquake showed how out of touch the political classes are.

I would like to see a lot more politicians who have worked for a living, or who actually passionately believe in something.

We currently have a Conservative government, but no credible opposition, and the government could get away with anything right now; they could bring back slavery and euthanise the unemployed, but with the opposition in disarray, there are no checks and balances on them.

At least America has an elected upper house; our House of Lords is a toothless talking shop of unelected cronies. They have lifetime positions either inherited from their fathers, or given as rewards for funding or even just being friends with politicians. America’s democrats need to regroup quickly to hold Trump to account.

A ‘Trump’ could easily find success here.