Black Dudes

Why I believe in God now.

There is a high probability this post will get deleted on , most of my deleted posts have a urinal in it.

So, I’m betting hard, 2700 in my slot machine. Jack Daniels makes the body numb. Not realizing there is a crisis with my bladder, I keep hitting max bet. Suddenly, I realize I should have worn a diaper. I leave the machine and do a wobble jog toward the rest room. I’m thinking I’m not making it. I unzip from 10 feet away. Every drop into the urinal, I scan the floor no drops and I start thinking this should be an Olympic sport.

I can’t find my slot machine for 15 minutes, I finally find it. Two black southern dudes with weird tattoos on either side of my slot machine. Immediately I think they cashed out my loot. Nope, it’s all there. That’s my little racism kicking in. The boys were beauties, they saw me struggling, knew I was in trouble and protected my slot machine.

White privilege kicked in. You know the guy on a major globalist shit list who has been unemployable for talking logic hit the cash out button.

I gave it to the black dudes. They would not take it.

Racism only exists in universities. With mind fucked teachers who jog without purpose?

Love the southern black trump supporters, and there is a shit load of them. MSM you’re so done.

My new friend’s names are Hector and Jacob. I want to meet Hector’s mom. Nice Eyes.