Deplorable Dangerous Day.

Tim Alen highly rated show, “Last Man Standing.” Canceled by ABC. No white men allowed to be standing in today’s trans fkd-world.

The Dems are out of options, they did not expect to lose, they didn’t even bother to bury the bodies. This is all or nothing for the globalists and Zumanga’s master plan.

The savage hate spitting out of the mouths of the lefty, schizophrenic, corporate-globalist, media taking place in the USA right now will lead to civil war. They can’t back down now, they feel the momentum in their favor and this is their last chance to avoid prison.

Trump won because regular folks have enough of the deep state. If Trump is impeached by the deep state you can expect at at leased 10 thousand heavily armed patriots, laid-off coal workers, steel workers, working class white men who have been the but end of every Hollywood joke for far too many years, while their families starve. These men have no future under Trump, but they had hope. Under Dems. They have nothing to lose and will take the fight to Washington.

According to my Herdomomics 101, they will take to Washington, with hollow points, grenade, automatic assault rifles. Some in the the police and the military will join them. Antifa will show up then run for their lives.