Punted from Greater-Fool

It’s been a day since my IP address glitch that won’t allow any posts on Greater-Fool. Eight years of wicked posts just vanished out of thin air. Fucking Russians. Needless to say I’m climbing the walls not writing so its going to be here from here on in.

I guess good old Garth had enough of my intoxicated rants, can’t say I blame him. Guy has enough on his plate. I do apologize but never going back. The PC culture has gone just as insane as the Toronto real-estate market. I can imagine the back lash he’s been getting from the loony left and SJW mental cases. Free speech has limits.

At leased I can post unwashed, open and free thoughts from the truth and wisdom that comes from an a empty bottle of Jack Danial's and make a loony lefty see the light.

I’ll be back after a few drinks.