Just in time for the holidays, discover gorgeous custom photo albums that are perfect for you or for your clients.

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Design and order them yourselves or let your clients customize their own. Hand-crafted with top of the line materials and refined finishes, these photo albums now available on SmugMug will make stunning gifts or elegant add-ons to the perfect photoshoots with your clients.

Choose from stunning cover options such as linens, premium or distressed leather and leather-like fabrics in a variety of colors that can come with or without a cameo window cut-out (only available on larger album sizes). …

Are you ready to learn the art of color grading? From color correction and saturation, to the tools needed, here’s your go-to guide.

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Have you ever seen a photo and wondered how the photographer managed to capture such vibrant color, or was able to tone down the noise to create a crystal clear image? Chances are it was done through a process called color grading.

What exactly is color grading?

Color grading is the process of changing the color tone of an image by adjusting hue and saturation. …

Are you ready to take amazing images of lightning? Here’s the gear you need and instructions to take impressive lightning shots, step by step.

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Lightning is powerful, beautiful, and unpredictable, which makes photographing it both challenging and rewarding. Whether you’re in the desert chasing clouds or at the beach and want to capture a water strike, we’re ready to help you master timing so you can take amazing photos of lightning strikes.

In this article, you’ll learn

  1. The gear you need to photograph lightning.
  2. Camera settings for taking photos of lighting.
  3. How to take photos of lightning with your iPhone or smartphone.



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