My top 5 moments from COOLLERZ 1v1 Cup day 2

This past weekend we had so much Quake to watch, the QWC qualifiers for Sacrifice and Duel, and also COOLLERZ 1v1 Cup. I only managed to catch the action from day 2 of the latter due to personal commitments, but what I did catch were some awesome games. So awesome in fact that I decided to clip my favourite 5 moments from what I watched.

Disclaimer: I’m still getting used to watching Quake Champions, so I’m sure a lot of people will either feel what I’ve selected isn’t very special, or that I may have missed something even better. Let’s make this a discussion!

5. Fazz lands 2 frags on AGENT in quick succession

Fazz bullies AGENT in the first frag then just obliterates him on the 2nd with great rockets and aggression.

4. AGENT lands a great prediction rocket onto fazz

AGENT was dominating with his clutch play throughout the tournament, and this moment was no exception. Forcing fazz to lower then landing a rocket right in his enemy’s face, brilliant!

3. k1llsen’s aggressive ghostwalk

So much greatness about this moment for me. k1llsen’s aggressive use of ghostwalk allowed him to surprise AGENT just before the megahealth spawned. k1llsen steals the mega, then blasts AGENT to take the round.

2. k1llsen clutches AGENT’s clutch

AGENT runs away with 77HP (needs 81 to survive a rail) after being railed twice. k1llsen manages to clip the last remaining pixel of AGENT’s hitbox.

1. Fazz with another quick double and dodges rockets

This was my favourite moment from the matches I was able to watch. Another fast double frag from fazz, this time with a little extra. Watch how fazz dodges AGENT’s rockets on the 2nd frag, allowing him to take the round.