The Foundation: A Year of TOAD

Snake Plisken
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The Foundation; A Year of TOAD
By Snake Plisken

Early TOAD

When KT and I founded TOAD, we sought to provide an active and unique solution to the current problems in #DeFI. Naturally, TOAD is deflationary with a low cap supply (195K). We set specifically to work on creating a solution to (what felt like) the main issue of DeFi: devs removing liquidity provision from projects (Rug-Pulling). The solution we developed directly aligns incentives where DEVs of a project do not win unless their users also win. In doing so we have further removed the hurdles and friction of trust that can be instantly eroded and thus is required in the current cryptospace. We have since expanded to provide more unique solutions to improve not only TOAD but Decentralized Finance as a whole.


On Feb 25th 2021 TOAD.Network was launched and DPLP (Decentralized Perpetual Liquidity Protocol) was created. We then donated all DEV LP and additional TOAD token supply back to the community to be farmed. TOAD users do not have to trust the TOAD devs as people. Rather, they trust the CODE. Trustless smart contracts not only exist, they are unable to be blackmailed, bribed, or corrupted. Praise SATOSHI!

Decentralized Perpetual Liquidity Protocol (DPLP) has been time and volume tested. DPLP has set a new industry standard because it solves some of the most endemic problems in the decentralized financial space:

1- Ensures there is LP forever, making a token eternally liquid
2- Disperses liquidity widely and fairly to ensure project stability
3- Replaces the ‘timed DEV lock’ which creates ‘wait and dump’ scenarios
4- Provides a completely secure and safe way to lock LP
5- Incentivizes users to stake liquidity and earn fair rewards for long term project support
6- Aligns both dev and user incentives, creating a WIN-WIN only scenario
Read more on DPLP here

Vision & Values

This is the foundation on which TOAD was built. We as a community seek to continue to create superior products according to these same principles. Building a universally fair DeFi suite requires hard work and a steady push foward according to the integral values of non-discrimination, fairness, constant improvement, and the support of superior ideas. Good ideas attract good creators. We fully embrace diversity in all forms. Without diversity of perspectives and ideas, new knowledge cannot be created. We embrace FUD and criticism and grow because of it. We fundamentally believe that it is not who you are that matters, it is what you do that matters. We do not shortcut our values. We believe in these values so deeply that we have faced many uphill battles because of our dedication to them. Our staunch protection of our devs’ and users’ rights to remain anonymous makes us stronger. (For more information on these values, see Who You Are Does Not Matter or our Vision & Values).

Present TOAD.Network

Building a solid foundation, based entirely on our values, has led to the expansion of TOAD.Network into an ecosystem of utilities and a community-driven organization fully equipped to solve common problems of Decentralized Finance (#DeFi).

It is important to talk about the tremendous amount of solves and unique products we have put out in just the first 12 months of TOAD. If you would like to see more than just these selected highlights, check out our ‘TOAD Map’ at which is updated monthly.


At PADSwap.Exchange, we house our full #DEX #AMM that offers noncustodial, permissionless swapping, rewarding Liquidity Providers at high competitive rates, and built in backing systems to ensure that rewards are not inflationary for #yieldfarming. The native token $PAD acts as a utility token, complements $TOAD, and allows $TOAD to serve its true functions as a store of value and governance token. This makes PADSwap a full and fair utility project arm with eternal rewards supported by TOAD and weaponized via The Vault.

All of PADSwap’s groundbreaking services are currently available on BSC, Moonriver and Moonbeam.

The Bridge

PADSwap operates on multiple chains: BSC, Moonriver and Moonbeam. The Bridge is a connection that allows the transfer of tokens from one chain to another. In a partnership with Multichain we are able to move $TOAD, $BUSD, $BNB across any of these supported Blockchains. This aids users in finding the highest perpetual rewards and yields with the lowest friction.

The Vault

is a groundbreaking idea for the whole TOAD.Network ecosystem offering a forever rising price floor INDEX of tokens with burn incentives. It acts as a price floor ETF that collects utility fees and directly BACKS the $PAD token per chain. The persistent rewards allow anyone to redeem the entire history of $PADs fee collection at any time. Anything that can be tokenized, can be stored in The Vault. As of this writing $PAD BSC has a 33%+ backing ratio, making it one of the top percentage backed ratio Banks in the world. From idea to world-class in months and unlike the (frankly, overhyped) unsustainable OHM models we saw this year, this backing is directly accessible for all users at any time.

Yield Farms

We have implemented several diverse options for yield farming and obtaining yields. These include ‘DPLP farms,’ ‘standard PAD rewarding farms’, and ‘partner farms.’ These farms offer further rewards to incentivize Liquidity Providers and earn more rewards for participating in the ecosystem. Liquidity provision has become a requirement for newer and existing projects in the current #DeFi space and are specifically powerful for new LaunchPAD or IDO projects. Our Farms allow incentivization for users to support a project and earn fair rewards for their LP.


Our LaunchPAD is a zero-code service for projects to launch a token via a presale IDO. We built a referral system to reward projects for growing their own presale and competitively priced these services to the lowest in the market. Users can participate in any presale to support a project. This is quickly expanding to contain a token factory, and for existing projects, DPLP and standard Farm factories.

TOAD Academy

Because of the nature of the industry at the present time, we believe that to grow the DeFi space in a sustainable way, new users must be welcomed and informed on the best-practices for personal safety. To help with this mission, we have founded the TOAD.Academy centered around combining education and fun. TOAD.Academy has already released several familiar games with educational twists. The Academy has also brought several apps to compute Impairment Loss and Yield calculations. The growth of Educational Games in this space has birthed our largest #GameFi project yet: MEME-Guardians.


Is our #roguelite #RPG project that is infinitely expandable, and rewards content creators directly while providing ethical use of #NFT in the #GameFi space. MG will never be Pay-to-win or Play-to-Earn which suck the fun out of most games. Anyone will be able to play the game and enjoy it regardless of the amount of money spent. Anyone will be able to contribute content to the game and earn revenue from their content. Partner projects can fund or seek to help grow MG expansion in any direction even use their own NFTs in game. An artist who submits their content to MG will receive a NFT that proves their ownership of the asset they created.

The goal isn’t to prove ownership to others, but rather to prove ownership to the blockchain itself: whoever is holding the NFT will be eligible for any profits generated by the corresponding piece of content. We hope to inspire users’ imaginations to think of the real-world, ethical potential of NFTs.


We are constantly seeking to partner with anyone and everyone who brings value to the space. TOAD has already connected with a steady stream of Partners that share similar values of transparency and fairness in the space. Some of our notable partners are:
Multichain (anyswap)
FTX (Blockfolio)
Onramper (providing fiat onramping)
Defi Llama
Spade Audits
Moonlight Bubble Maps

Other Achievements

Provided support and systems for 11+ Project Launches
Ported to 3 CHAINS!
Multiple playable Minigames
Church to preserve MEMEs and Eulogize
3 Full UI upgrades, Farms, Vault, Bridge, TOAD Landing, LaunchPAD etc
Social gains without marketing, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Discord have organic steady growth
Listings on CG, CMC, DAPPS, Defi Llama, BogTools, PooCoin, DexTools, Blockfolio etc
Docs Established and expanded into one of the best Wiki in all of Crypto
GLMR Faucet built and handed out over 1k Codes.

TOAD Community

I have yet to see another small team set out to achieve such lofty goals and achieve them within this given timeframe. This is directly because we allow FUD from our Community and constructive criticism of all our products, creating pathways and solutions for constant improvement.

There are far, far, far, FAR too many notable contributors within the community to include each individual in this post while keeping it readable. MAD LADS, you know who you are. I thank you.

At the CORE of TOAD.Network is the continued support and push from the community. They bring ideas, art, infographics, videos, discussion, FUD, constructive criticism, marketing pushes and diverse skill sets all in an anonymous, at-will environment. Without a constant and varied approach to growth made possible through our Community, we would not have as well rounded a system as we do now. Because all of our progress is thanks to developers and contributors that truly represent the user base, we can confidently say we are one of the most true and unique #DeFi projects in all of the Cryptospace.

Here is just a small sample of the projects created, furthered, and/or executed by our community:

  • Listing (chosen & half crowdfunded by Community)
  • Halloween MEME content
  • Reddit growth and Discussions
  • Feedback and Direction on TOAD UI and new products
  • Improvement/fine-tuning of our wiki/docs to ensure they communicate effectively
  • Infographic and Video Creation
  • Grant Applications
  • Business Development Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Weekly DeFi Q&A


One of the most beautiful things about TOAD is the fact that every individual has an opportunity to make an impact directly on this product however they choose. No one is under contract at TOAD. Everyone who works here, works here because they want to. For many this is the first time in their life they have worked with others not by force or coercion, or endless meetings; but rather because of a desire to build and solve problems.

KT — Techno-king

Not a single Ounce of this would be possible without my brilliantly talented Co-Founder TOAD_Guy AKA KING TOAD, AKA KT. He not only shares the vision and desire to build something eternal, he has the perfect mindset for unique solves that are an integral part of every aspect that is TOAD.Network. #CodeGod

Stripey — Lead Game Dev

Stripey Zebra is not only our lead game DEV, his work has reached every aspect of the front facing UI. He brings to life all of our unique backend in beautiful and form-functional ways. This would not be possible without his talented and driven mind. Stripey has direct talents that thrive on feel, look and aesthetic. TOAD grows stronger everyday because of his work.

Slumdog — Lead Dev

Slumdog Has been a driving force in bringing down the friction and barriers to entry amongst our systems. Because we offer unique solutions this creates inherent problems of their own for users to adapt to new systems. An API GOD, Slumdog Shillionare brings direct data-based technological skills to TOAD implementing The Bridge, Integrated Farms pages, Mobile solves, web3 integration and soon, updated Vault and Stats pages. His addition to the team has been akin to Nitrus for our current build engine.

Trout — Coin Liaison/Community Lead

Trout Nugget has been so impactful at TOAD for keeping the community on track of goals, reaching out to like-minded communities, tackling those time consuming initial conversations and introductions to our products. Every project that launches on our platforms has a direct line of communication via Trout who weaponizes his natural teaching ability into conversions. Trout has the patience of a saint, combined with the skills of an entrepreneur and the mindset of a professor.

Special Thanks directly to Piramyd who has relentlessly supplied TOAD with Top tier art and put up with my endless feedback loop of requests for better, faster and stronger TOAD materials. She continues to bring a high level of product that encourages others to also bring their best to TOAD every single day.

Future of TOAD.Network

We are proven, trusted builders who innovate. If you take even a cursory look at our TOADmap, you will see a relentless crushing of goals, innovation, creative solves, universal fair rewards, and overdelivering on additional products and systems. TOAD.Network already has over eight functional and unique products with endless room for growth, improvement and upward scalability. Here are just some of our future projects to keep an eye on that are currently under development:

  • Perpetual Auctions (allows projects to raise capital without affecting chart: anything that can be tokenized, can be auctioned)
  • New Vault page
  • NEW Sleek/Expert Swap
  • New Stats page
  • Upgraded Vault system
  • TOAD available to purchase through ATMs
  • Auto-compounding Farms via Simple Stake
  • Loans
  • Soma Protocol Launch (deflationary privacy stablecoins)
  • TOAD NFT Marketplace Release
  • New Partners
  • New Project Launches
  • Full systematic marketing plan
  • Bug Bounty

We Want You!

We are so very proud of this Foundation and ecosystem and it is time that we invite you (yes, YOU) to help us. A fair global DeFi system will benefit every individual. Whatever your level of experience in this space. Whatever life you live or background you have. You have something to offer and bring to the table. It might be showing us how to communicate with someone who knows nothing about cryptocurrency. It might be creating a brilliant guerrilla marketing campaign. Maybe you are fluent in another language and can provide translations. It might be designing a new logo for a product. It might be ruthlessly criticizing every single aspect of anything we have created. Whatever you bring, we want your help. TOAD is strong because it is fun, beneficial, fair and provides actual solutions.

Help us build sustainable DeFi for every individual. Hop In! TOAD.Network



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