Beta Release (Android) — April, the 29th — Registration Form

#Buidl #Buidl #Buidl #Buidl #Buidl #Buidl

Dear community, we are finally entering in a new ERA. After months of development, the Beta release is here! Since day 1, we’ve made a strong choice : 🚀to #Buidl and not to announce unrealistic steps!

We need your feedbacks

Thanks to this Beta, we will be able to test our app — upload videos, watch videos — and get your FEEDBACKS to improve it. It’s a mandatory step before the final version release!

We need Content Creators and Viewers

We know you were waiting for months. Now it’s your turn to play! So please spread the word on social media, Telegram, WhatsApp, blogs, etc….We need Content Creators and Viewers!

Register here

Be part of this new phase, just follow this link (or click on “Beta Test” on our website) :

Some of our instructions :

Please fill out all of the information below to apply to the Snapparazzi DApp beta test.

***To qualify for the beta test you must***

- Own a Smartphone under Android 4.4 or higher 
- Have a reliable high speed internet connection 
- Be willing to join the Snapparazzi Beta test private channel for test coordination 
- Be 16+ years of age.

If you don’t meet any of the above criteria please don’t complete the form.

Users who violate the code of conduct during testing will be removed from the beta. 
If you are selected to help test we will contact you using the email you provide below. 
Relevant feedback will be rewarded in SnapCoin.

Thank you for your interest in the Snapprazzi Beta Test.