Do You Own a Smartphone? Here Is How to Earn Huge Returns from It

Want to be part of fast growing media industry that is expected to clock over USD 200 billion by 2020? Well, all you need is a smartphone.

The media industry has opened a huge gap that Snapparazzi is seeking to fill by making people with smartphones the primary source of newsworthy footages. How is this possible? Welcome to the world of the fast evolving digital technology.

Snapparazzi, the solution to incomplete media

For about three decades, the media has been on a serious decline. Some people have even intimated it is headed to an apocalypse. Well, the decline is simply another point of change in the media industry.

Most media companies have indicated the huge burden of costs involved in maintaining journalists and moving equipment to different event.

In the recently concluded 2018 World Cup in Russia, media companies had to export “full office” to cover the events. The cost involved is breathtaking. To balance the dwindling fortunes, the companies are left with one option; to reduce the journalists they send out and the events to cover.

However, this has caused serious LOSS of relevance because many events end up NOT getting covered. Snapparazzi has come at the right time to fill the missing link.

  1. With Snapparazzi, people with smartphones have the option to become sources of newsworthy footages.
  2. The Snapparazzi platform is the emerging source of news for both local and international media. It is an auction where media turn to get news for their press.
  3. Because people with smartphones are spread across the globe, it is the simplest way for media companies to get comprehensive coverage without sending journalists to the ground.

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Capture newsworthy footages and become a revered journalist

Every time you look at the breaking news on your favorite TV channel, it is important to appreciate the efforts used to capture it.

Now, look at it in a different way and think of yourself being the main source of the video footage. You ONLY need a smartphone and standard photography skills. Here are some events to focus on;

  • Political events especially those of great interest at the national and international levels.
  • Labor movements’ activities especially where major declarations are made.
  • Local events that have huge interest though rarely untold. For example, capture local inventions where creative people are breaking barriers to become highly successful.
  • Children and related newsworthy events.
  • Health videos that will mesmerize viewers.
  • Social events such as celebrations, competitions and performances.
  • Important personalities in different events.
  • Mother Nature occurrences such as hurricanes or volcanic eruptions.

Optimizing returns from your smartphone with Snapparazzi

The list outlined above is not exhaustive. But getting great footage is only the first step; the rewards are only around the corner. Snapparazzi will help you optimize results in the following ways.

  • Whether you are a budding reporter with acumen for top stories or a member of the public with a great footage, Snapparazzi allows you to put forth the report and earn from it.
  • The Snapparazzi innovative auction system will help to bring more buyers and enable Content creator’s to achieve a fair price for their footage.
  • Geo-location technology will allow Snapparazzi users to receive notification when a breakings news event appears in their area.
  • Targeted adverts for optional viewing will help your footage to fetch more revenue.
  • Using the blockchain technology, Snapparazzi also allows members to become moderators for rewards. Here, you can validate footage uploaded by Snapparazzi members and will you for a rewarded in SnapCoin.

The Snapparazzi platform has come at a time when the uptake of the smartphones is gaining momentum.

Now, you are sure of earning more with just a smartphone on hand and Snapparazzi app. Everybody, no matter the location can use a smartphone to make good returns.