SnapCoin Stack Bonus Schedule

Token holders! We are rewarding YOU with additional bonus SnapCoin, simply for keeping your SNPC at your private address. (Exchanges off)

What’s even better is that you can benefit from this offer for up to 12 months!

Boost your wallet and support the Snapparazzi community

Whether you obtained your tokens through the ICO/Private Sale; through the airdrop rounds or you have purchased them on the exchanges, you will qualify.

Almost 86 million of the remaining SNPC tokens, unsold in the ICO, are being returned to our token holding community through the stack bonus incentive scheme.

In addition, the Snapparazzi Team members have generously relinquished a proportion of their own token allocation, as have the advisors, to further boost the fund.

This is a huge gesture, demonstrating their commitment and belief in the project.

The Stack Bonus payments will be made on a random date within every month.

As promised we have the annual schedule to share with you:

With such a fantastic offer you may even wish to buy additional SNPC tokens to maximise your bonus!

Please visit any of our 3 exchanges currently listing SNPC.


All you need to do is HODL your SnapCoin!

You will automatically be credited, as long as you store your tokens in a private address.

Make sure you move your SNPC from the exchanges to your private address and that you have full access to it, including the private keys.

It makes absolute sense to take full advantage of these incentives!

Boost your wallet and support the Snapparazzi community NOW!