Snapparazzi Empowering People to Earn From Their Smartphones

A smartphone is all you need to get some good returns from reports of current newsworthy events. Snapparazzi platform has created a new way of empowering people to use their smartphones to capture newsworthy footages and images for sale.

Simply capture, share on Snapparazzi, and GET PAID for it. It is that simple. Whether you simply happen to be at a point when a great event takes place or prefer to hunt great news across the globe, Snapparazzi is your partner that will get SnapCoins flowing to your wallet.

How the conventional media operates?

At this point, one might ask; what about the conventional media? The conventional media follows a very clear path to capture and carry reports to your devices.

Pick an event of interest>send journalists to the site>journalists capture the event>report is delivered to viewers

This path is complex, expensive, and often times exaggerated by media companies that have to balance profits and getting top reports to your television, radio or other platforms. The results have been a progressive shrinking of the conventional media.

On April 15th, 2017, one of the top headlines in most Australian newspapers and international media was “Journalism Faces Crisis.” Two multinational media outlets, Fairfax Media and the Sydney Morning Herald announced they were laying off hundreds of staff because of the changing nature of the industry. But it is not just the two media giants that have landed in the rocks!

The expensive process of hiring and using journalists to cover all events is simply not working. Put it plainly; it is impossible to plant journalist in every event. But this is no time to lament because an opportunity has simply opened the doors. Snapparazzi is here to bridge the gap.

What exactly is Snapparazzi? How does it work?

Snapparazzi is a revolutionary, decentralized, and independent media sharing, and advertising platform that use blockchain technology to help bridge the media coverage gap. It is designed to tap into the emerging opportunity of bridging the media gap.

All that you need is a smartphone that can record great footages and take photos of newsworthy events. Then, share them on the Snapparazzi platform to get paid in SnapCoin.

The platform is designed to help disrupt the video-on-demand and digital advertising market that has been growing rapidly. By 2020, this niche is expected to surge and hit between $90 billion and $291 billion.

To get a share of this burgeoning market, all you need is Snapparazzi and a smartphone.

Snapparazzi empowers you to make more from a smartphone

Snapparazzi platform was created to help cut the middlemen between events and delivery of news to the community.

Armed with a smartphone and Snapparazzi app, you can capture the footage of a great social, political, or entertainment event and earn SnapCoin.

  1. Share the footage of great events and get paid for them. Whether you are a member of the public who has witnessed and captured footage of a great event or you are a journalist with an acumen of picking great events, simply share them on Snapparazzi to get paid in SnapCoin.
  2. The footage and images are auctioned to the top bidder. Snapparazzi has adopted an innovative auction system where all interested parties can come and buy breaking news footages. This implies that you are sure of getting more from footages compared to selling directly to a single buyer.
  3. Get rewarded for targeted advertisement. To increase your rewards, you could also go for targeted advertisements which are optional viewing. Note that this is optional. However, those who accept it get rewarded in SnapCoin. You get the best footages, Snapparazzi guarantees you of a ready audience.
  4. Become a media moderator to accelerate your earnings. In addition to selling your content, you can move to another level and become a moderator. As a moderator, you help ensure that users view the most relevant coverage. Moderators are judged by Snapparazzi members and rewarded in SnapCoins.