Snapparazzi reveals the name of its first exchange listing

We are very pleased to announce that LAToken Exchange will be the first crypto exchange to list the SnapCoin (SNPC) token this December.

It is a much anticipated news announcement for our loyal community.

The company’s first exchange listing will be with the well-known and well-established “LA Token”.

LAToken is a growing crypto exchange, focusing on ensuring the liquidity for new tokens:

● $35+ Million daily turnover

● More than 85,000 registered traders

● More than 250 cryptographic pairs available for trading

Only a few days left to buy SNPC (10% Bonus available)

There are only a few days remaining in the Snapparazzi ICO period, and investors will be encouraged and assured by this valuable news.

The listing will be live in December with the Snapparazzi token, SnapCoin (SNPC) being amongst existing and recognised cryptocurrencies, allowing people who have contributed to the ICO to be able to exchange with them.

SoftCap, Exchange…What’s next?

Having reached the soft cap during the Pre ICO stage, the team now continue to work hard, striving to facilitate the successes the Snapparazzi project deserves. The listing of the SnapCoin is another vital step towards this goal.

The Snapparazzi platform is based on SnapCoin rewards. In order for users to realise these rewards, the exchange is a crucial tool, ensuring the viability of our platform model.

This will be the first of many collaborations to be announced in the near future.

Community members and stakeholders can follow Snapparazzi social media groups, including Telegram and Twitter, to stay up to date with all the exciting new revelations!

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We are truly delighted and proud of the support that our community has shown us throughout this ICO.

Remember — There are only a few days left to take part in our ICO and become amongst the very first SnapCoin holders!