Snapparazzi: The Technology Bridging the Media Reporting Gap

The advertising stage is at the edge of a huge evolution. For years, the problem of incomplete media coverage where events take place but no journalist is around to capture and carry the news has become a serious gap.

Snapparazzi is a revolutionary, decentralized media sharing and advertising platform that utilizes blockchain technology to close this media coverage gap.


Snapparazzi disrupts the video-on-demand markets

By the close of 2017, there were more than 2.3 billion smartphones across the globe. All of these smartphone users can become high potential and unrivalled sources of newsworthy videos and photos for a reward with SnapCoin rewards.

The Snapparazzi platform targets to disrupt the huge video-on-demand digital advertising niche by linking smartphone users (primary sources) with the market on a peer2peer basis. When an event of great value such as entertainment or political happen, the Snapparazzi app allows you to record and sell the footage to the already waiting buyers at the local and international event.

By 2020, the video on demand and digital spending markets is expected to grow and reach between $90 billion and $291 billion. Snapparazzi wants you to be part of it to enjoy the benefits.

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Why Snapparazzi platform is the next big thing in digital advertising?

Snapparazzi is the next big thing. That is right; the next big thing in digital marketing. Every time that you see great news, the international media uses a lot of resources to capture it. Take the case of the daring Thailand Tham Luang Cave Rescue that brought the world into a halt. From the BBC to CNN media, name the biggest media, camped outside the cave opening to see up to the last boy being pulled out of the glaring death in the cave abyss.

Such coverage involves a lot of resources. At a time when many media outlets have been struggling to remain profitable, an alternative will be highly welcome. The Snapparazzi platform option comes as a great relief to the media outlets because of the following.

  • The international media can relax knowing they have an eye in every corner of the globe. The Geo-location technology ensures that all smartphone users from across the globe can avail their footages.
  • The media can easily cut on the journalists they send to cover different events because Snapparazzi will be there to get the latest and better coverage.
  • Buyers such as international media will only buy the content and not worry much about the process of covering it. Why send journalists into the woods when there is someone in the Snapparazzi blockchain network willing to go and bring exclusive footage at a lower rate?
  • Snapparazzi puts on the table plenty of alternatives. With everybody capturing events via videos and photos, the content buyers will be spoilt for choice.

Snapparazzi is a money spinner for everybody

With Snapparazzi, your smartphone becomes a money spinner. You simply need to have the Snapparazzi app, capture newsworthy videos and photos, and sell it to the already waiting local and international media. But why is this already a great deal?

  • The explosion of the internet has seen new media outlets targeting to grow and outpacing the already known giants. Because the new media lacks the capacity to send journalists all over the globe, Snapparazzi platform will become a must stop over to source for news.
  • With the news footages and photos flowing seamlessly from all over the globe, the media and advertising niche can only go to the next level. You got a newsworthy event or photo? Rest assured there is a media outlet or someone waiting to pay for it.

The good thing with Snapparazzi is that a smartphone is all that you need to close the media coverage gap. It is an opportunity to earn some extra cash that you cannot let slip away. Do not miss out.

  1. The footage you capture is auctioned to the highest bidder.
  2. You can earn more from the targeted advertisement for optional viewing.
  3. Make more by becoming a media moderator.

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Snapparazzi technology has created a new beginning in the media industry. Now, you do not have to look at breaking news or reports on the leading media companies and wonder how they did it.

You can become the source and earn huge returns in SnapCoins. Your smartphone and Snapparazzi app are all that you need. Join now and be part of this great revolution by capturing great footages and photos, and sharing them on Snapparazzi.