The Secret of the Snapparazzi App Revealed

Snapparazzi is the ultimate app that can help crypto currencies to be mainstream. The app has created a solution to address the media coverage gap and opened a reliable tap that any person with a smartphone can rely on for progressive revenue.

With a smartphone, the app thrusts you right into the heart of the video-on-demand and digital ad spending markets that is expected to rapidly grow and hit more than $90 and &250 billion respectively come 2020.

Snapparazzi — Official Video

The incomplete media and rise of Snapparazzi app development

The main aim of the Snapparazzi app, is to create a platform that pays users for the content they generate and share on the platform. The traditional media has taken a sharp decline over the last decade as the online video platforms gain momentum.

Today, the print, radio, and television sectors are no longer the only primary source of news. For example, the number of American adults who relied on television for news in 2016 and 2017 fell from 57% to 50%. On the other hand, online video content has become the new source of news with more millennials relying on platforms such as YouTube and Snapchat for news.

Despite this shift and positive growth of the online video sector, it still depicts serious weaknesses.

  • Limited content monetization: Though a lot of people are actively engaged in creating YouTube content, they rarely get significant returns from their work. Over 99% of people who create content on YouTube rarely get more than $100. Besides, most owners are required to have a huge balance of more than $100 before they can withdraw their earnings. This prevents content creators from getting paid for the content they generate.
  • Copyright related issues: The current free availability of online content on most platforms such as YouTube has made it almost impossible to protect copyrights. Most cases of copyright violation are rarely monitored or remedied. More people are opting out because they can no longer reap reward from their content.

Snapparazzi app was created to help address these gaps. The development architecture of the platform has made it this possible and the community is growing extremely rapidly day after day. Take a look at Snapparazzi app secrets and why you need to join and enjoy the ensuing benefits.

The secret of the Snapparazzi app

Snapparazzi app is the culmination of many years of research and passion to see the media move to the next level. The development team has demonstrated its passion to see the sector and indeed blockchain niche grow to the next level.

1/ Snapparazzi app is designed to help revolutionize the media niche

As the world demonstrates a greater affinity for digital video, Snapparazzi has arrived to enrich the space. The app is aimed at redefining the process of creating news. Unlike the traditional model where media outlets were required to send journalists to all events, people with smartphones become the freelance sources of content for the media industry. If you have a smartphone, simply download Snapparazzi app and you will be ready to go.

2/ Instant monetization of content

As more online video platforms such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube become more difficult to monetize content, Snapparazzi is actually the opposite. Once you have created content of interest, Snapparazzi app allows you to sell and get paid promptly in SnapCoin. Why get stuck in the platforms that are not paying? It is time to switch to Snapparazzi that guarantees better payment.

3/ Snapparazzi app has become the gateway to high-quality content

Because smartphones are all over the globe, there is no limitation on the content that can be created on various political, social, and even entertainment considerations. As a user, it is easy to check the quality of the content and picking it for your media platform. This implies that your targeted audience is assured of high quality and timely content from Snapparazzi.

4/ Content on Snapparazzi is relatively cheaper

As a media outlet, there is a lot of pressure from other outlets. Sending journalists to every event is expensive and not sustainable. However, Snapparazzi acts as a one-stop platform that allows you to get high-quality content at reduced rates. You only need to identify the right content and buy it directly so that your outlet will always be the first to get the breaking news or other footage of interest.

5/ The Snapparazzi app has the best chance for users to optimize returns

Once you have created content, it will not simply be offered on a first come first served basis. Rather, the app targets helping all the users involved in creating content the best opportunity to make more.

  • For reporters who target capturing breaking news, the Snapparazzi subjects the footage to an auction system so that only the highest bidder gets the content. The content creator gets 80% of the generated revenue.
  • Content creators can also earn more in SnapCoin after the videos that you upload get viewed by users with advertising option. 60% of the revenue paid by the advertiser in the platform will be paid to you.
  • If you opt to work as a moderator, you will be rewarded with SnapCoin for the content you validate. Moderators get a pro-rata reward calculated on a 2% share of the advertisement revenue to Snapparazzi.
  • The viewers also have an opportunity to earn from watching videos. When they decide to watch videos that have advertisements in them, they get rewarded with SnapCoin.

The Snapparazzi App core features

The Snapparazzi app has stood out from its competition because of its unique features that help to extend its utility. One great thing with the application is that its development team has committed to progressively improving all the features for enhanced performance. Here are some of the top features.

  • The Geo-localisation feature: The Snapparazzi app has a geo-localisation feature that alerts it’s users about potential news worthy events, be it a natural disaster or maybe the movement of top celebrities, politicians, etc… This feature allows both the content creator and the media outlets can ensure, relevant, comprehensive and reliable content all the time. Snapparazzi will even prompt you to take specific photos and videos, especially when attending an event of great interest.
  • The SnapCoin: This is the native coin on the Snapparazzi platform. It is an Ethereum based token that takes the advantage of the fast-growing blockchain and cryptocurrency niche. Once you register with Snapparazzi, you will be automatically provided with an account to store your SnapCoin earnings, alternatively you can use your own wallet such as MyEtherWallet and Ledger Nano S to store your SnapCoin.

It is important to appreciate that SnapCoin is also the primary currency of the platform. During the ICO, Snapparazzi will be releasing 70% of the total SnapCoin into the market. Once the platform is live there will always be strong demand for the token to sustain the supply to Snapparazzi ecosystem.

The vast majority of advertising revenue will be collected in fiat currency which will be required to be converted on crypto exchanges into SnapCoin, in order to distribute the appropriate rewards to the Snapparazzi users, be it content creators, viewers or moderators.

  • The video screening feature: To guarantee clients of the highest quality content, Snapparazzi starts the comprehensive process of screening and evaluation. This assessment targets to ensure that the footage does not contain prohibited or censorable content.

The evaluation will further attach a market value using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm. Once the assessment is completed, the content is then auctioned to the highest bidders.

Be part of the Snapparazzi project by participating in Pre-sale and ICO

To become part of this high potential project, make sure to participate when the SnapCoin go up for grabs between 14th and 24th September 2018. The ICO will be commencing 1st October 2018. Take a look at the table below for more details and make your plan to buy these high-value tokens.

Snapparazzi Pre-ICO (14th -24th September 2018)

Token Price


Token Discount


Target Hard Cap

154,000,000 SnapCoins

Snapparazzi ICO Sale (1st-29th October 2018)

Token price


Token Price Discount


Target Hard Cap

308,000,000 SnapCoins